Interesting Lead Evidence ..
On August 7, 2008, Special Agent (SA) Tony Rodriguez of Florida Dept of Law Enforcement (FDLE) met with Cary Sellers Goode at her apartment in Mount Dora, FL regarding ACISS Lead #438 from OCSO investigation into the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.

Goode’s interview reflects that in April or May of 2008 she was volunteering at the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) office located at 1300 SR 19, Tavares, FL. During this time DCF issued an advertisement regarding the acceptance of Section 8 housing applications. Shortly after, a woman with a Hispanic accent called DCF regarding the Section 8 housing add and also asked to register her granddaughter int the “Kid Care Program”. Goode believed that the woman on the phone stated her name was “Rodriguez”, however she could not be certain. Kid Care is a state funded program which provides medical insurance to children of low income families. The woman advised that her granddaughter’s name was Caylee Anthony.

About one week later, Goode was in her office at DCF when a young lady and a female child walked into her office. The woman identified herself as Casey Anthony and her daughter as Caylee Anthony. Anthony wanted to register Caylee for services in the Kid Care Program. The information was obtained and input into the system for further processing. Goode positively identified both Casey and Caylee as the ones who came into her office in April or May of 2008 from the pictures SA Rodriquez provided. She said it was them and added, they seemed to be in a hurry.

Goode further stated that in approximately the last week in June, she was at the Goodwill store located on SR 19 in Eustis when she again saw Caylee and Casey Anthony. At the time, Goode could not recall where she knew them from but was able to remember them from her office after the media reports of missing Caylee Anthony. Goode observed Casey and Caylee exit the Goodwill store get into what appeared to be an older white vehicle with a Hispanic driver (possibly large female). The vehicle had a blue and white tag similar to that of a NY tag. Caylee was wearing a white dress with a white bow tied in the front. Goode later saw the same vehicle and same people at the Save-a-Lot store located in the same shopping center in Eustis.

Later on August 7, 2008, SA Rodriguez provided this information to Corporals William Edwards and Yuri Melich of OCSO who said they were currently following up with DCF investigators too.

As a follow-up on August 11, 2008, SA Rodriguez did speak with Eustis Goodwill state manager- Kim Vasquez who said she was familiar with the Anthony case and that she had never seen either Casey or Caylee in her store at any time. Rodriguez also advised that the store does not have a surveillance system.

On Monday, August 11, 2008, SA Rodriguez was informed by Carey Roderick (OSCO) that information obtained from Supervisor Tom Hammett (DCF) by Sgt. John Allen (OSCO) reflects that a thorough and comprehensive search of DCF records failed to identify and past or present contact with Casey or Caylee Anthony.

If anyone with past experience at the office of Social Services will know that usually your first visit is to gather information needed to apply for the different State-provided programs.
My question is; Did Ms. Goode actually input any information in the computer or did she just attempt to and discard it after finding out Casey didn’t have the proper documents such as birth certificates, social security cards, bank statements, etc, and told Casey to come back at a later date. She did say Casey seemed to be in hurry so I’m not convinced that the follow-up turned in by Sgt. Allen means in all certainty that Casey did not go to the DCF office.
Also there was no mention whether there were surveillance cameras in the DCF office.
Considering SA Rodriguez advised there were no surveillance cameras at the Goodwill store, why would Sgt. John Allen fail to mention this in his report? I’m sure there are several surveillance cameras in the DCF office.