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Motions Granted, Internet -1, Defense -0

This is the list that the Orlando Sentinel had fought so vehemently. As I read the list of witnesses, I found most of the names familiar to me so I’m not totally surprised.

Defense Penalty Phase Witnesses Released

One of the names new to me is Daniel Plesea, Casey Anthony’s uncle who was once mentioned in a battery of emails between Casey’s grand mother Shirley Plesea and her mother Cindy Anthony. Noted was the omission of another uncle, Rick Plesea who openly admits to his disdain for his sister Cindy’s parenting skills and Casey’s proclivity to lie.
Yes, we’re all familiar with Rick Plesea and how he came out of the woodwork in order to malign his sister Cindy in her most vulnerable and dreadful moment. He was first to call investigators to tell them that Casey has always been a liar and his sister Cindy is the worst mother on Earth for her lack of discipline when it comes to Cindy’s “Princess Daughter” Casey Marie.
Rick Plesea was the first and only family member who openly joined blogs in negative discussion against the Anthony family. In a seemingly jealous rant, he told how his own mother Shirley Plesea loved Cindy best because she was the only daughter amongst him and his other brothers. He spoke on blogs and to the detectives about money and how the Plesea family had helped Cindy during financial hardship. Yes, for all of the world to know he came down hard on George Anthony’s family. Ah yes, he’s quite the spokesperson for the Anthony’s. With family like him, who needs enemies?

It’s was appalling to think that an older brother would try to hurt his only sister  during her worst nightmare. She’d just discovered her grand daughter is missing and her daughter will probably be charged with first-degree murder and possibly face the ultimate penalty. Rick Plesea must have a rich and wonderful life to throw stones at his sister. If he doesn’t then if God works as I believe, he shouldn’t count on it either.

On another note, a few names are Unknowns. If Casey is found guilty and sentenced to death, I presume they may be a few school teachers, pastors and previous employers. The rest are a few unlikely witnesses but most are well known as family and friends of Casey.

Counting the chickens before the eggs are hatched in my opinion? It would be an outrageous miscarriage of Justice to see the Anthony trial reach anything close to the death penalty phase.

Although, the circumstantial factors such as lying, not reporting her daughter missing for 31 days, party pix, tattooing, Google searches, car trunk odor and one possible decomposed hair found in the trunk are present to deem such a verdict, I still feel since the initial shock of the crime has passed, the media calmed down, the facts of the case more clear that when the lack of physical evidence is presented there is a strong possibility of a verdict other than guilty.

Originally Casey was indicted on these charges.

According to the Circuit Court of the Ninth Judicial Circuit in and for Orange County, Florida, she was indicted by the Spring 2008 Grand Jury on the following counts.

1. First degree murder (Capital)
2. Aggravated Child Abuse (F1-1.9)
3. Aggravated Manslaughter of a child (F1-L10)
4. Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer
5. Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer
6. Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer
7. Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer

Counts 4 thru 7 were for lying to Detective Yuri Melich during the investigation while searching for a missing Caylee. Count 6 is for lying specifically about Jeffrey Michael Hopkins and Juliette Lewis. Interesting…
On October 14, 2008, the count of aggravated child abuse was dropped because at this time, before Caylee’s body was found, the State of Florida thought they had all they needed to charge Casey with first-degree murder. Of all of the counts Casey has been charged with, I thought that this was the most fitting to the crime but since it’s been dropped, I think there is a greater chance for an acquittal.

Here is a great article I found. I’m so happy to report that there are others who see this case as some of us here. Here it is. Enjoy.