At 3:51pm, December 30, 2010, Linda Drane Burdick, Assistant State Attorney for Orange County filed this motion.

There’s 6 listed criteria’s in all that Linda Drane Burdick hopes Judge Perry will rule on in her favor. She is asking that the Defense not talk or mention anything to the Media that may point to Casey Anthony’s innocence. She wants Jose Baez to refrain from referring to some people as liars too. I agree, he should show more self control no matter how frustrating his job must be.

Here’s two criteria’s that I find interesting:
Snipped from Motion:

4. Any testimony or argument that unidentified members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Office of the State Attorney, or any other government agency “leaked” information to the media, or any third party.

5. Any testimony or argument that members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office arranged for the Defendant to be video recorded upon learning that her daughter’s remains were found.

Considering Lt. Tammy Unser and Sgt. Billy Richardson’s testimony has already been released in documents, why would she want a gag order on this issue? Now I’m curious. Is there more to this than we know?

Lt. Tammy Unser Deposition

Sgt. Billy Richardson Deposition

Factual Background & Argument

During the course of the pretrial process, counsel for the defendant has made public statements, filed accusatory pleadings, and asked questions in deposition relating to the issues listed above. It has become clear that it is the intention of the Defendant to place the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the prosecution itself “on trial” in order to shift the attention of the jury away from the evidence indicating her guilt.

The Irony is Rich…

As I take a deep breath I wish to pose this question. Hasn’t the State Attorney’s Office done the same to Miss Anthony? Has the SAO’s denied any false statements to the Media indicating Miss Anthony’s guilt such as this damning article “Heart Sticker Was Placed On Duct Tape On Caylee?” Not just indicating her guilt, but to make her a MONSTER! This was not a fact. Obviously, this was leaked out of their office and they did nothing to refute it.

Heart Sticker Was Placed On Duct Tape On Caylee

Would it be fair to the State Attorney’s Office that the Defense had not released this factual statement below?

Casey Defense Wants Heart Sticker Thrown Out

It seems that any future information released that is favorable for Miss Anthony, the State Attorney’s Office is now concerned that it may taint a jury when Miss Anthony has been part of the daily Media in the State of Florida for almost the past 2 years.

I would like to know how Mr. Baez is shifting attention of a jury when a jury should have no knowledge of this case whatsoever? Unless LDB is referring to blogs which everyone knows has no bearing in this case. I believe Judge Perry made that very clear to Cheney Mason in the last hearing.

As an American citizen, I would like to know what’s taking place in the Florida judicial system and jailhouse where Casey Anthony is being held until her trial.  Perhaps LDB has forgotten, at this moment Casey Anthony is innocent in the eyes of the law even though the public majority may disagree.  Just because Linda Drane Burdick whines doesn’t mean it’s right and I hope Judge Perry sees it that way too. 

 To disallow any favorable reports or speculation towards Casey Anthony at this juncture is extremely prejudicial considering all of the negativity that has already been reported through the internet, radio, tabloids, local & nationally televised news coverage, in my un-lawyered opinion.