After watching yesterday’s hearing again there were a few items I took note. The facts that jumped out at me were the December 13th email to detectives Melich & Allen and Baez said JJ blogged at WS on December 8th. He went on to say Joe Jordan had lots of posts there and photos on the WS blog and his own blog which has since been abandoned.
My question: Where are these photographs? Did anyone in blogosphere happen to save any? The defense simply wants to see if any of these pictures were taken before the remains were discovered, so it’s easy to perceive the magnitude of this motion.

IIRC, LOL…BTW, Judge Perry used that term “blogosphere.” I think The JP reads the WWW regarding this case because he knew the verbiage. Interesting to think that he may read here. Perhaps he’ll learn that not all people are convinced that Casey Anthony is guilty.

I was wondering, no offense to Jose Baez, but does anyone think that if Baez had produced a copy of the email from JJ to detectives Melich and Allen that Judge Perry may have ruled in his favor?
As for JJ’s emails to Melich and Allen, aren’t they tangible evidence? They should be considered established because email is an acceptable form of documentation in a court of law because its date stamped and verifiable.

Baez also says he’s concerned about JJ because he’s a blogger. Rightfully so because here’s another blogger who has inserted himself into this case. I understand this because we know what happened in the other incident involving an obsequious blogger. Judge Strickland had to recuse himself from this case.
Another thing I wondered about, is the defense aware that JJ searched independently and not just searches with TES? Because when you put JJ in the TES category it seems like Baez is out to get TES when in fact he’s trying to get one potential witness, a searcher to hand over the same information and produce the same photographs that he proffered to the World Wide Web and law enforcement.

How can anyone take JJ’s testimony seriously if he keeps changing his story? JJ’s attorney McCloud claims his client is being harassed which I can understand. I wouldn’t want to have my entire computer forensically investigated either. I would also worry that some information may become evidentiary therefore could be included in the released documents so I wonder why McCloud doesn’t encourage his client to simply cooperate with both sides?

I appreciated Judge Perry’s question to Baez, did JJ point out the “magic area” when asked, Baez answered, “No, within 20 or 30 feet.” That was a fair question. He also repeatedly asked Baez if he asked JJ about the photographs in deposition. Baez answered quite a few times by saying he didn’t know the photographs existed until after he deposed him.
My question, can Jose Baez request to depose JJ again?
Finally Judge Perry ruled motion denied without prejudice. Something tells me we’ll hear about JJ again.
Thanks Snoop for finding the youtube link.

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