Although, I’ve been busy defending MY reputation for the last 24hrs rest assured I have not lost focus of my Original Objective which is too shed light and discussion on what some people care not to think about,

“The Other Possibilities” 

 Rest assured, the Mission continues.

 I will also continue to attach links as I find documents to support MY OPINION at any given time on any subject. I will continue to make assertions stemming from my own gut feelings or from the information ascertained from official documents and motions. The subject matter could be random players, witnesses, Judges, attorneys, my family pets, my best friend’s new car, my old car, the released documents, the unreleased documents and even the “wishful thinking” documents.

As the “Long Awaited Big Trial” nears, I naturally expect comments to be in full force, asserting views, referencing documents, taking note of wardrobe, who looks tired, who looks happy, who’s lying, who’s not, etc.  ALL of this is simply a MATTER OF OPINION and doesn’t call for debate.  As an example, commenter A says “Jeff Ashton has tacky shoes”.  This is tolerated because it is an opinion.  What isn’t tolerated is a statement such as this one.  “Whoever thinks Jeff Ashton has tacky shoes must be an idiot”  This is what I call a personal attack.  Attacking Jeff Ashton isn’t a problem, attacking the one who stated their opinion is.  Personal attacks are never allowed on this blog.

In other words nothing has changed since day one of The JB Mission.

Do more than assume that I have the courage to do whatever necessary to voice my opinion in the Murder Trial of Casey Anthony.  I’m hoping this trial will be just as interesting, educational and thought provoking as OJ Simpson’s, if not more. 

Remember everybody, the hearing scheduled for Monday, January 3rd.

It should be interesting. Here’s a list of the motions filed by Jose Baez in preparation of Monday’s hearing.  

WhoDat Say He Can’t Make It On Time!!

  1. Motion to Restrict Telephoto Courtroom Photography and Audio Eavesdropping of Defense.
  2. Motion to Compel Judicial Administrative Commision to Pay for Transcripst of Oak Ridge National Laboratory Depositions.
  3. Request Court Determine Prior Bad Acts of Mr. Kronk based on Motion Papers filed.
  4. Motion in Limine – Sexual Interrogation of Lazaro
  5. Motion in Limine – Sexual Interrogation of Rosciano
  6. Motion in Limine – Speculation of Defendant knowledge by Texas Equusearch
  7. Motion in Limine – Neighbor and Shovel
  8. Motion in Limine – Table Knife
  9. Motion in Limine – Character Evidence of Stealing and Lying
  10. Motion in Limine – Tattoo
  11. Motion to Suppress- Jail Interview of Defendant by “Agents”
  12. Motion to Limine – Jail Video of Announcement
  13. Motion to Limine – Jib Jab Cartoon
  14. Motion to Limine – Defendant MySpace “Diary of Days”
  15. Motion to Limine – Cindy Anthony MySpace
  16. Motion to Exclude – Decomposition Chemical (Frye)
  17. Motion to Exclude – Chloroform (Frye)
  18. Motion to Exclude – Root Growth (Frye)
  19. Motion for Subpoena Duces Tecum RE:Joe Jordan
  20. Motion to Exclude- Post Mortem Banding
  21. Motion to Exclude – Stain in Trunk of Car
  22. Motion in Limine to Exclude- K-9 Alerts