On December 24th WFTV reported that Casey Anthony’s defense team had missed their deadline to pursue Roy Kronk the Lone Hero who found Caylee Anthony’s remains as a possible suspect.

It’s been reported that because Jose Baez failed to meet the deadline, Roy Kronk is a free man or so surmised WFTV-Channel 9 in speculating that Anthony’s attorneys have dropped plans to suggest that Roy Kronk is a suspect in the murder of Caylee Anthony.

Fact or fiction? Perhaps by the next hearing on January 3, 2011 we’ll have this information coming straight from Mr. Baez himself. As an interested blogger participating in the Casey Anthony saga, I have minimal control in judicial matters of this case or at least I would hope but MAYBE not.
Judge Strickland was recused from this case for fraternizing with Marinade Dave (a obsequious blogger who was awarded The Orbbie from the Orlando Sentinel) and now State Prosecutor Jeff Ashton has referred to bloggers in his recent motion to Judge Perry. Bloggers have suddenly become part of the vocabulary used not only in judicial motions but verbally mentioned in a Court of Law involving the accused, Casey Anthony who is standing in court literally fighting for her life.

I, JBMission, only have an opinion when it comes to Roy Kronk and what makes him a viable suspect or participant in Caylee Anthony’s murder or cover-up.

In my opinion, if the OCSO didn’t have Casey Anthony’s mistruths and deceptions on record, without a doubt the State Attorney’s Office would have picked Roy Kronk’s story apart from the day he officially found Caylee on December 11, 2008 retracing his steps to his first 911 call on August 11, 2008 and likely would have made him a strong Person of Interest considering these several factors.

Factor #1. Roy Kronk was arrested and charged with kidnapping in May 1992. Auspiciously, Beaufort County, SC did not believe his captive/accuser and dismissed charges. Roy Kronk later had this charge expunged from his record for the sake of his career in the Coast Guard.
Although the woman who accused him of kidnapping her is now deceased there are family members and an ex-husband who are more than willing to testify in her behalf IF need be.
Roy Kronk’s own father said that Roy Kronk rented a car and brought handcuffs, duct tape and a plastic gun to Beaufort, SC to force her to come back with him to Key West.
Kronk’s determination drove him over a thousand miles to Beaufort County, SC to kidnap XX. Fortunately, her fiancee came home on leave just in time to save her from Roy Kronk. Her fiancee, a Marine had the distinct pleasure of beating the shit out of Kronk.

Factor #2. Here’s ANOTHER person who tells a similar story about Roy Kronk’s propensity to abuse and take women against their will. Jill Kerley. She is his ex-wife who said in a recorded video that Roy Kronk had beat her on several occasions and used “100 mph duct tape” around her hands to keep her from calling for help. While in Maryville, he packed a bag put it in the car and told her they were going to the store and instead took her to Maryland where his father lived. There she was beat in front of Roy Kronk’s father so badly that she needed to go to the hospital.” She claims RK was capable of murder and she thought he tried to kill her by putting something in a glass of wine which she drank and later passed out for no apparent reason except for the tainted wine.
When Baez asked Jill Kerley what she thought when she heard that Kronk was the person who found Caylee’s remains, her first thought was “he did it. He murdered Caylee or had something to do with it.”
It was interesting to learn that RK was fanatically obsessed with the fantasy video game “Dungeons and Dragons”. When asked by the investigator if Kronk can be believed, JK said, “He wouldn’t know the truth if it was slapped upside his head.”

Jill Kerley interview

Factor #3. Eleven years ago, in a 1997 report from Kingsport, Tennessee, Kronk called in a tip to investigators that they would find several stolen guns and other items in a wooded field but when officers searched the field they were unable to find any of the items Kronk had reported.
Incidentally, Jill Kerley lived only 2 hours from Kingsport, Tennessee. After reading this report, I think this validates Jill Kerley’s fear that Kronk was still intending to cause her harm. Jill Kerley told Jose Baez she had no idea that he was that close to her in 1997.

Considering this story is eerily similar to what Kronk did in Orlando, Florida, I can see where the Defense team or anyone would raise an eyebrow.

Find firearms report here:

Factor #4. Crystal Sparks, another ex-wife of Roy Kronk, who is not disgruntled in any way had lots to say about Roy Kronk. She said Roy’s father called her with the news that Roy was in jail on kidnapping and elaborated RK rented a car and brought handcuffs, duct tape and a plastic toy gun to retrieve his girlfriend who had fled back to Beaufort, South Carolina. Crystal Sparks has no reason to make this up.
CS spoke of Roy Kronk’s estranged family and particularly about his sister Susan. Susan was not a big fan of Roy’s. Susan also had deep concerns with her 2-3 year old daughter Jessica’s closeness to Roy. At a family gathering at Crystal’s home, she recalls Susan was adamant that Jessica not sit on Roy’s lap. For this reason Crystal had concerns about Roy being around young girls too.
It’s in this interview that Crystal opens the door to a phone call Roy made to their son Brandon Sparks. She recalls Brandon telling her about Roy calling Brandon in mid-November, approximately 2 weeks before Thanksgiving 2008 telling him, “you’re going to see me in the news. I’m gonna be a hero. I know where the little girl Caylee is and I’m going to get her,” he adds, “when the water went down.” According to Crystal Sparks, Susan had heard through her obsequious brother Roy that he had found the “little girl’s” body in middle November too. Crystal elaborated more on Roy’s obsession with Dungeon’s and Dragons, saying he likes anything in the fantasy realm and he lies a lot.

Crystal Sparks interview

Factor #5
Here’s a guy who finds Caylee’s remains in August, calls LE on 3 different occasions and they can’t find Caylee’s remains while standing there with Kronk pointing to it. That doesn’t seem likely.

Factor #5 is the most valuable for the Defense. If the Defense believes in LE, doesn’t that seem odd that someone would find her in August and NOT in September, October or November?
I don’t think Baez has much of a choice when it comes to Roy Kronk.



from theJBMission