With tens of thousands bits and pieces of information and documents, today we get to add 910 more documents to read and attempt to make sense of it all. Putting this all together has become quite a task for me. Like many of you, I’m losing space on my computer hard drive as I type as well as the hard drive in my head.
Thanks to WFTV, they’ve categorized them for us. More letters, a handwritten notebook which I’m not sure whom it belongs, and the authorization to tap the Cindy, George and Lee Anthony’s phones along with Jesse Grund’s and Tony Lazarro’s. Perhaps, this is why not long ago, Jose Baez asked for more phone records on Tony Lazarro. At the time we thought he was insane. Well, maybe not so crazy now.

WFTV November 2, 2010 link can be found here:


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Cindy’s Letters to Casey/ more Letters

Handwritten Note about Case

Authorizing Trap & Trace Device

Casey’s Reaction To Caylee Found

Snipped from PDF file:  Email from Tammy Unser describing Casey’s reaction to the news when Caylee was found.
@ 1136 – Lt. Unser escorts Casey out of her cell to the female medical area to watch the breaking news on TV.
Upon entering the medical area she looked at the TV and immediately fell into the chair, doubling over and began to breathe rapidly. At one point we thought she was going to hyperventilate. She asked for the belly chains to be loosened as she felt like they were too tight, and she could not breathe. We knew however they were not tight, and we did not loosen them .
@ 1139 – she lifted her head up and leaned back in the chair, however her eyes were closed, she was still breathing rapidly.
@ 1141 – Casey began pulling at arm and fidgeting with her hands. I asked her if she wanted to speak with Dr. Branch from Mental Health and she said she wanted to call her attorney. I told her before she would be allowed to speak with her attorney she would have to speak with mental health. She agreed to speak with Dr. Branch.
@ 1143 – Lt. Unser escorted her to the L Unit medical office to speak with Dr. Branch. I remained in the room with her during this time. She was still breathing rapidly and fidgeting with her hands during her conversation with him. She reassured both of us she was not going to hurt herself. I stressed my concern was her safety and we needed to make sure she was OK. She again stated hurting herself would not solve anything. She did ask Dr. Branch if she could get a sedative or something to help her relax. She also asked if we knew whether her attorney was coming or not. I told her I thought he was, but was not sure.
@ 1155 – Dr. Branch left the office and I remained in there with Casey. She asked if I would sit with her until her attorney arrived. I stated I would if he was there in the next 15 to 20 minutes. I asked her again is she was OK and she said yes, it was just too early to cry, and she was not going to break down. She then changed the subject to football and began talking about the national championship game.
@ 1200 – her attorney Jose Baez showed up. Casey was taken into an interview room with him. I stood outside the interview room during the visit. During the first couple of minutes Casey broke down and started to cry. She held her head in her hands and seemed visibly upset by her body motions. I could not see her face due to the way she was sitting in the conference room.
@ 1235 – Her attorney took out a note pad and started to write down some notes. For approximately 20 minutes he would open and close the notebook writing very few notes.
@ 1243 – she was given a sedative by the nurse.
@ 1325 – Attorney Baez left and I escorted Casey back to her cell. She appeared to have red eyes from crying, however her breathing was back to normal. I asked her if she was OK and if the medicine worked. She stated she was as well as could be expected but that her stomach no longer hurt and she did not feel like throwing up any more. Her personal property was bagged up as she was put on a Psy Watch, however she was allowed to keep reading materials and her pictures of Caylee.
@ 1345 – she asked if she could take a shower, which was given. After her shower she seemed calmer and asked if she could to speak with Ms. Pat a mental health specialist.
@ 1400 – Ms. Pat enters Casey’s cell and talked with her.
@ 1445 – Lt. Unser left the L Unit. Ms. Pat was still talking to Casey. Lt. Unser looked in the cell, and noted her eyes appeared to be red, however she also had a very calm demeanor.

~ ~ ~
I find this terribly disturbing. Note, it took Casey 19 minutes from the time she left her cell to the first time she asked for her attorney. At that point, the experiment should have been over and Casey should have immediately been escorted back to her cell.
I’m horrified by this cruelty that a presumably innocent mother of a deceased child had to endure.

Here is Lt. Tammy Unser’s deposition.

More on this topic from a previous post.


Here’s cfnews13 link




I’m looking forward to everyone’s thoughts as I’m trying to figure this out as we go along.

Hello everyone.  Since the trial is over and the right verdict was read, I think it would be a great idea to leave this thread up at all times for all of you Sleuthers out there who are still trying to get answers, me included.

So to keep all of the information in one place, I hope to use this thread up and posted on the front page of my site.  I know this thread was created to discuss the exposed letters between Casey and her jail mate but just the same lets add more “crumbs”. 

Much Appreciated!