A judicial panel met in Tallahassee for the first time to address the problem with wrongfully convicted defendants.
Months ago I wrote an article on Bill Dillon. He was from Brevard County and was wrongfully convicted of murder. He sat on death row for 27 years all the while declaring his innocence. Gratefully the Florida Innocence Program took on his case and he is now a free man.
Sadly he’s just one of hundreds who have been wrongfully convicted in our country. As an American this does not make me proud, but for the fact that we recognize our mistakes and take action to fix the problem, I am proud. This is monumental for the state of Florida and I am thrilled to report Judge Belvin Perry will sit on this panel.
If ever I doubted Casey Anthony would get a fair trial, the thought is now on hold. I’m much more confident today after reading this article from the Miami Herald. Since potentially Casey Anthony’s jurors will come from Miami/Dade County and with probable media coverage of the conferences hopefully the public will become aware of this problem and hopefully the seated jurors will pay heed to common mistakes of the past.

False identification by eye witnesses was the major cause for erroneous convictions, along with invalid forensic evidence, false confessions and bad informants aka jailhouse snitches.

A national study of 225 people exonerated through DNA testing, conducted by the Innocence Project, an advocacy organization for defendants helped set these parameters for the commission. The commission will not help exonerations but will attempt to set new standards, rules and laws in order to prevent false convictions in the future. They intend to complete this report by June 2012. Knowledge is the key to prevention. “Better late than never” I say.
Nationally wrongful convictions are far to many in my opinion. I found Florida held the highest number of death row exonerations at 23 as reported in April 2009. These are just the exonerations. What about the innocent people who haven’t found the right attorney to help them? Or the ones who no one cares about because they are poor and have no family? These are the ones who become lost in the system.
As to how we feel about Casey Anthony’s guilt or innocence is not the issue. Caylee Anthony deserves true justice not a tabloid verdict to please the public. There’s no need for dishonesty or lawyer/prosecution trickery, Justice prevails when the facts speak for itself.

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/09/11/1818777/florida-innocence-commission-seeks.html#ixzz0zIaPdvKK