Little by little, the tides are turning for Casey Anthony’s underdog attorney Jose Baez and his top notch fellow attorney Cheney Mason. Despite the resignation of death penalty specialist Andrea Lyon, it seems there’s still hope for Jose Baez and his beguiling belief in his client’s innocence.
As of August 20th, the ever-honorable Judge Belvin Perry took pity on the unlikely duo and officially opened TES documents for probe, research, evaluation and summation. Finally, Jose Baez & Cheney Mason are allowed to record their findings with a pen & paper as opposed to just viewing a list of 4000 searchers as ruled by the now recused Judge Strickland.
The latest obstacle for the defense team, is their interest in Casey Anthony’s ex-boyfriend Tony Lazarro’s phone records. Judge Strickland had granted the defense access to Lazarro’s phone records from June to December 2008. Times have changed. The defense is now requesting for cell phone records dating back to January 2009 until present. Tony Lazarro has filed a motion to quash this subpoena.

Thinking about Tony Lazzaro, I have to wonder what does he have to hide from the defense? After all, in late August 2008, he allowed OCSO to wiretap his cell phone in wait of any incriminating phone calls from Casey Anthony. When Lee contacted Tony for a face to face meeting to discuss Casey, he willingly cooperated with OCSO and MBI. His car was wired with video and sound for the meeting that took place in Subway restaurant parking lot.
I have to think this goes far beyond a privacy issue and more likely that he was granted some leniency by OCSO for his cooperation. After reevaluating the video of Lee and Tony’s meeting, Tony and/or his friends were involved in peddling drugs. He told Lee it was true that his room mate was ripped off of $5,000 of “product.” Someone broke into his apartment through a window and left via the front door. Is this the favor, Tony owes OCSO? Is this why he was so cooperative?

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