In this lull of the Casey Anthony saga I’d come to a complete halt in topics for a new post. After pondering for a few days, it dawned on me. What would Casey Anthony’s authentic psychological evaluation read?

Yes, we know she was interviewed by a psychologist in 2008. Judge Strickland ordered her to be evaluated before the Grand Jury made their decision to charge her with murder. Of course, this report has never been released and I don’t think it ever will. Considering mental health IS in the healthcare sector, HIPAA laws do apply.

Recently, we’ve learned that Dr. Steven Gold had a 4 hour interview with Casey Anthony. Dr. Gold is a psychologist with Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. He specializes in research, treatment of and training in psychological trauma and trauma-related disorders, disassociation, hypnosis and sexual addiction-compulsivity, according to his website.

All eye-brows were raised in the blogging community since Dr. Gold’s visit in late July. After the release of letters to her jailhouse roomies there’s been plenty of talk about Casey’s allegations of sexual molestation.
Because the Sunshine Laws says Florida tax payers are on the need-to-know basis of any inmate visitors, not much goes unnoticed including Dr. Gold, the “trauma psychologist.”

Although Jose Baez said attorneys must explore potential mental health issues in any death penalty case most would speculate Atty. Jose Baez may pull the “crazy eight of diamonds” out of his humongous bag of dirty lawyer tricks. This seems to be the usual mantra when it comes to Casey’s defense team. Here at JBmission, we call it the “fear factor”. Fear of not having enough hard evidence.

To debate Casey’s psyche I can only use what I’ve learned from the documents. True, much of what I know about Casey came from her friends and family members during their interviews with LE. They describe her as a liar, a good mother, a thief, a protective mother and a chameleon. According to Ryan Pasley, her mother Cindy called her a sociopath. Cindy said this as well on her mySpace page titled “My Caylee is Missing”.
Personally, I think Cindy is saying a lot more about what she knows on July 3rd then what she admits but that’s another topic. Regardless, this was Cindy’s diagnosis of choice.

From what I’ve read from the media and blogs, Casey’s most common diagnosis is sociopath, psychopath, narcissism, pathological liar, compulsive liar, etc. Anything that would make a person evil is the general consensus. These are just a few of the many mental disorders Casey is said to have.
From my view point, I don’t see Casey in an evil light. What I see is a girl with no life skills. She’s entirely dependent on her mother. She craves attention from the opposite sex. She’s not resourceful and unmotivated to help herself. She also lies to impress others.
What I don’t see are any evil tendencies. She has a need-to-please which is the opposite of evil. She wants to make everyone happy. This might have been her biggest downfall.
There’s no pass history of cruelty to animals or others. No physical altercations have been reported. Up until her recent check fraud charges, her police record was clean.

As an afterthought..What I’d like to see are reports from her school teachers. I think they could give me an unbiased account of what Casey was like as a child.
So far this person, in my perspective, is not a sociopath. This is my bonafide, unlicensed, arm-chair psychoanalysis of Casey Anthony. All comments are welcome but are under scrutiny unless you are Dr. Steven Gold himself. TIA