What we’ve learned about Roy Kronk besides being a meter reader who found the decomposed remains of Caylee Anthony is that he’s not exactly a nice guy according to his 3 ex-wives. Roy Kronk, ex-meter reader now, is said to have been very abusive to all three of his ex-wives and used duct tape on at least one, Jill Kerley.
Why Kronk, you may ask. Kronk has a history of inappropriate behavior with young girls, history of abusing, restraining and holding women against their will; his use of duct tape to restrain women and his knowledge of the exact location of Caylee’s remains.
Brandon, Roy’s son dropped the biggest whammy on Kronk. Brandon told his mother that Kronk told him two weeks before Thanksgiving and one month before making what is known as his fourth visit to the scene where Caylee’s decomposed body was found that “he was going to be a hero on TV” saying to his son “I know where Caylee is and I’m going to go get her.” Begging the question, why the wait?

In November 2009, Mort Smith, one of Casey Anthony’s investigators taped an interview with ex-wife, Jill Kerley. Here is a segment of the interview that was released to the media.

Mort Smith: “When you learned Roy had found Caylee’s remains what went through your mind?”
Jill Kerley: “That he had done it”
Mort Smith: “Meaning?”
Jill Kerley: “He probably was the one who murdered Caylee Anthony or had something to do with it.”
Jill Kerly went on to say; “It was abusive — mentally and physically, he beat me up in front of his dad and I had to go the hospital. “The more I think about it, the more my gut tells me he had something to do with it,” Kerley said, “He, [Kronk], duct taped my hands one time.”
Jill Kerley: “He said it was 100 mph duct tape”
Mort Smith: “And how often did he duct tape you?”
Jill Kerley: “On two occasions.”

Crystal Sparks (Brandon’s mother) another ex-wife told Mort Smith. “I think there’s a lot of concern for Roy being around young girls.”
Casey’s defense team said, “they have evidence Kronk has a possible history of inappropriate behavior with young girls.
April Applegate Hensley who was 11 at the time her mother lived with Kronk has said he came into her bedroom to watch her undress and made her feel uneasy, in her interview with the investigators.

According to Local 6, this isn’t Kronk’s first attempt at reporting unfound evidence. Just like he tried to point out the body of Caylee in August 08′ to no avail, the same happened in Tennessee.
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POSTED: Thursday, July 29, 2010
UPDATED: 12:25 pm EDT July 30, 2010

Heres a snippet..
During Friday’s depositions, Casey Anthony’s attorneys will likely question the former meter reader about the rainy day in 2008 when he found Caylee’s body.
The defense is also likely to question him about the day four months earlier when he repeatedly called authorities to the same area to report a suspicious item he found there. A deputy showed up, but was unable to find anything unusual.
Now, Local 6 has learned that 11 years earlier Kronk called authorities to another wooded area in Tennessee, but that once again officers who responded to that scene were unable to find what Kronk had been describing.
According to a 1997 report from Kingsport, Tenn., Kronk told investigators they would find several stolen guns and other stolen items in a wooded field. But when officers searched the field, they were unable to find any of the items Kronk was talking about.
According to sources, Casey Anthony’s defense team found it odd that Kronk would call police twice to two different wooded areas where nothing was found.
Sources said the defense team may use the Tennessee police report to challenge Kronk’s credibility and raise reasonable doubt.
Anthony’s lawyers have already suggested that Kronk may have been responsible for the toddler’s disappearance, even though police and prosecutors have not turned up any evidence of that.

Early on Mr. Kronk has vehemently denied these ex-wife allegations against him and is confident that he will be vindicated. When reporters asked Kronk’s attorney David Evans what he thought, he explained that “they were being untruthful”, when asked why, “they just wanted their 15-minutes of fame.”

As usual at theJBmission.com, I find it odd that EVERYONE who maligns Roy Kronk is a nefarious and self-serving individual. What’s so hard about admitting Roy Kronk is an immoral guy who found a murdered child under “out of the ordinary” circumstances? It is what it is. Perhaps OCSO will have to be held accountable for their error in August 08.