All is fair in the game of Love and War.  All is fair in the Murder Trial of Casey Anthony?   Perhaps, when law authorities feel they are being defiled and the suspect isn’t cooperating with the program I get the notion that the game changes drastically. I believe this is the case concerning the disappearance and murder of Casey Anthony’s daughter, an innocent child Caylee Marie Anthony.  In the Game of Justice, authorities were desperate for any statement from Casey Anthony who was last to see her alive.

As the public speculates the abundance of circumstantial evidence, the State Attorney’s Office and investigators are desperately scampering for physical evidence and at least one self incriminating statement from Casey Anthony.  This has upped the ante and is now a “no holds barred” WrestleMania with the arrival of the jailhouse snitches along with a rogue jailhouse correction officer named Silvia Hernandez leading the way.

Courtesy of Officer Silvia Hernandez aka “Shannon”, inmates Robin Adams and Maya Derkovic were allowed to correspond with Casey Anthony orally and through letters written and passed through library books. Maya Derkovic inserted herself as well claiming Casey admitted to using chloroform to knock her daughter out so she could go out to party.  Robin Adams had less to offer about Casey.  Although, Robyn Adams who in a letter to an outside friend, Tracy Nealley, admitted she wanted to make a deal with prosecutors to obtain a lighter sentence. In any case, these letters were made public by mid-April 2010. Subsequently, Officer Silvia Hernandez was fired by early July 2010 leaving the public to speculate her motivation for participating in such a corrupt activity.

July 17, 2010 ~

The Orlando Sentinel reported Casey Anthony’s defense attorney, Jose Baez received a call from someone named Robin Lunceford in May who said she was an ex-inmate at Lowell Correction Institution, and that she was a friend who had conspired with a woman named Maya Derkovic to create a lie about Casey Anthony whom she knew from Orange County Jail.

The topics discussed during the conversation include talk that “Lunceford along with Maya Derkovic conspired with Robyn Adams” to possibly benefit by lying to the state prosecutors about Casey Anthony.

Baez contends he did not know the call was being recorded by prison staff and therefore filed a motion to seal what he calls an illegally recorded phone conversation he had with a state prisoner, Robin Lunceford.

Orange-Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry said he will schedule a hearing later to consider Baez’s request.  Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez argues that “disclosure of the unlawfully intercepted conversation would be a third-degree felony.”

As for, Robin Lunceford, who isn’t new to the sport of jailhouse snitching, is also a witness against Geralyn Graham who is facing charges in the 2001 disappearance of 4yo foster child, Rilya Wilson of Miami-Dade County, Florida.  Geralyn Graham, foster mother of Rilya Wilson, while incarcerated met up with inmate Robin Lunceford under the guise that she could help her with her legal problems. It’s been said, Robin Lunceford also plays paralegal from her jailhouse office.  Lunceford is now a State witness who will testify against Geralyn Graham.,0,4788696.story
This is my opinion:
In the Game of Justice, to play the Jailhouse Snitch Card is disgrace to both sides, even more so for the State Attorneys Office because they acted first.  It’s my opinion it’s a sign of weakness and in fairness in this “game”,  I hope Judge Perry rules in Jose Baez’s favor.