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 An Orange County Jail corrections officer connected to the case against Casey Anthony was fired on Friday.

Silvia Hernandez was terminated from the jail after the completion of an internal investigation.

Hernandez was accused of passing more than 250 letters written by Anthony to another inmate, who was identified as Robyn Adams.

Jail officials said Hernandez does have the right to appeal the decision.

Are we not surprised that Silvia Hernandez was terminated?  I’m not.

This is the 3rd person involved the Anthony case that was fired.  Why?  Because some people lie, like Anthony Rusciano, some people are lazy like Officer Richard Cain, some people are devious like Corrections Officer Hernandez. 

What did Silvia Hernandez have to gain by setting up Casey Anthony with her fellow inmate Robyn Adams? 

Silvia Hernandez aka “Shannon” to Casey and Robyn would allow them to correspond on the daily basis.  Casey and Robyn’s code name for Hernandez was “Shannon” because of the “S” she wore on her shirt.  Their correspondence was encouraged by Shannon.  Ironically, she once allowed Casey to cut Robyn’s bangs but claimed she didn’t allow them to talk.

When interviewed by the F.D.L.E, investigators asked Hernandez if she ever facilitated “the passing of notes,” to which she responded “Uh no.” She did however admit to finding notes in a book given to her by Casey, discovering Adams and Casey had been communicating in that manner.  

Hernandez was interviewed by authorities on March 9, 2010 and relayed information to LE regarding Casey and her relationship with Robyn Adams.

Hernandez was also the guard that took notes during the search for Caylee,  She boldly stated that Casey gave the impression she knew where her body was located and had this to say.

 “Yea she knew where the baby was because she said they’re not looking in the right place and…I said what do you mean and she was like they’re not looking in the right place, its right in their face but they’re face but they’re not looking in the right place…” Additionally, Hernandez found Casey to be cold with no emotion when she spoke. 

Who is going to believe her now?  Yes, Casey is a convicted felon but now we have 3 Orange County employees fired from their civil servant duties.

When I first heard about this, I laughed out loud. This tragic saga wouldn’t be complete without correspondence letters from a “jailhouse snitch,” and today I read that jail guard Silvia Hernandez was fired. 

 The F.D.L.E interviewed Ms. Hernandez but unfortunately my computer’s antivirus program wouldn’t allow me to open the transcript.  If anyone has better luck, please share.  I’m interested in Ms. Hernandez’s reason for her devious actions.  Who put her up to it?  If she was fired, maybe she would like to talk to Baez and Mason??   Interesting..