So Judge Belvin Perry decided that he would be the “special magistrate” so to speak   His answer to the motion, “just call me if you have a problem.”  Judge Perry is going to have to step up and be the MAN at some point and make a unprecedented decision on his own.  He hasn’t a clue of the magnitude of this case.  I think he’s stupid.  I’d like to know how he was elected to be a judge.

His ruling today wasn’t well thought out.  He complained how busy he’s been, suggested he hasn’t had much time to sleep, yada, yada, yada.

He considered his decision to have a “cooler” area for the defense experts to inspect the evidence was giving Baez a little something so he doesn’t seem like he’s being unfair.  I get it.  But his solution to have the experts look over the evidence and if they want to talk about it, just go into the private room.   Hilarious!  Obviously, the items selected will be a tell tale sign of which evidence the defense is interested in.  Again, showing their hand to the prosecution.  If I were on the defense team, I would select every item and go into the private room and discuss it.  It’s a poker game.  So what if it takes 10 days. 

Baez again addresses problems with privacy.  It’s too bad Judge Perry didn’t have the insight to see the ramifications of his past rulings regarding this problem  Whether Jose Baez is the BEST attorney in Florida, judicially speaking he’s right on for addressing the problem of lack of privacy considering the state is playing the media for all it’s worth.  The media loves the SAO’s for their generous contributions.  More Casey, More coverage, More money. 

I have a feeling if the press coverage isn’t curtailed in some way, this case will set precedence that will in someway change the Sunshine law. 

In my opinion, if Hitler were on trial, this would still be an atrocity of justice. Judge Perry is playing it so safe. It’s too obvious that he’s playing up to public opinion in order to win re-election.

Shame, shame Judge Perry!!