Baez & Mason are calling an emergency hearing today. The defense will try to convince the judge to appoint a special magistrate to supervise its experts when they examine the evidence so no defense secrets are divulged to prosecutors.

This hearing is the 2nd newsworthy story involving Casey Anthony this week.  Just yesterday it was announced that death penalty specialist Andrea Lyon is excusing herself from the defense team.  Jose Baez explained her departure is purely a fiscal matter.  Whatever the reason, in true WFTV modus operandi, Bill Sheaffer, the station’s legal analyst has made a totally different assumption.  He disputes Baez’s reason and claims Ms. Lyon left because she didn’t have faith in her client Casey Anthony.  Others have speculated it’s because she doesn’t want to ruin her perfect 19-0 record.  On the scales of Lady Justice, her reason for leaving isn’t a factor but for the media, the controversy is rich. 

Today should be interesting.  Certainly, Casey Anthony’s appearance at court will be a news story within itself. Cameras panning in for close ups in hopes of a glimpse of her chipped tooth.  Clowning camera men making funny faces to get Casey to smile will strike a nerve and admonishment from Judge Perry.  A bottom notch, newly proclaimed journalist blogger will have a front row seat carrying a notepad, video camera and laptop.   Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, it’ll be a really “big show”. 

Nonetheless, in the midst of the circus, a genuine court hearing will take place under the guidance of Hon. Judge Belvin Perry.  The defense will formerly announce their forensic experts and their motion for a special magistrate.

Hopefully, we’ll hear first hand the names of the new witnesses hired. Forensic entomologist Dr. Timothy Huntington, a Nebraska professor, will refute the evidence of coffin flies and maggots found in the trunk of Anthony’s car.

Another new hire, witness Dr. Kenneth Furton, a Florida International University chemistry professor, who is  an expert in the use of dogs to detect human remains. He’ll give his impression of the cadaver dogs that alerted on Casey’s trunk and in the Anthony’s back yard. 

When Caylee was found 5 ½ mouths after being reported missing, her remains were found in the woods near her house.  During the investigation, they documented how tall the plants were that were growing amid Caylee’s remains.  

 Colorado biologist Dr. Jane Brock  is listed as an expert in analyzing plant evidence at crime scenes and is on the defense witness list along with Canadian professor Dr. Scott Fairgrieve, who has researched human skeletal biology and torture. Duct tape was found layered over Caylee’s face. The state has theorized the duct tape prevented her from breathing.

In argument to the motion,  the prosecutors with the State Attorney’s Office found it sufficient to have representatives from the Sheriff’s Office present during these inspections but the defense contends that during the inspections, certain communication might occur with the their witnesses which should remain confidential and exclusive to the defense. 

In the motion submitted yesterday, Baez writes “the State has an obligation to permit the defendant to inspect, copy, test, and photograph” material within the State’s possession or control.

 The hearing is scheduled to begin today at 1:30pm. will have it live online.