Here’s a short synopsis of today’s hearing, in my perspective.

  • Cheney Mason wants Judge Perry to rule in the sealing of the jailhouse visitor log.  His argument is based on the fact that certain visitors to his client could be harmful to the defense as it could tip their hand to the prosecution or the general public.
  • County representative Gaplan answered with the Public Record Law. She stated the law should not be amended for prisoners held in capital cases only.  Judge Perry listened patiently but in the end, he left the door open for a week until he was able to do more research.
  • Cheney Mason then argued for the submission of TES searcher Joe Jordan’s secret tape recording of his state deposition.  Cheney then had a senior moment when he was unable to find the case he was quoting.  Judge Perry tried to help but denied his motion basically because of a law dealing with motions granted by recused judges and since it was previously denied by Judge Strickland, he let Judge Strickland’s ruling stand.  It seems Judge Perry will be respectful to Judge S.  If I were Baez, I would simply line up all 32 TES searchers and let them testify “I didn’t see it” x 32 times.  As a juror I’d have to wonder if the body was there considering 32 people said they didn’t see it. 
  • Baez wants the tips that LE gathered during their investigation.  Linda Drane-Burdick answered, she had her staff compile them on a disc and Baez has access to them anytime but he’d have to pay for them.  Judge Perry advised Baez to retrieve them and pay the estimated $2000. This will be added to her defense tab without a problem. 
  • Judge Perry says get a move on to the SAO and defense teams, play nice and let’s get it done.  Amen?  In my opinion, Drane Burdick is doing a little side stepping as well.  Neither side seem to have their ducks in a row.
  • Amended discovery notes.  Baez would like all of the bench notes from Oakridge National Laboratory.  Ashton obnoxiously objected during Baez’s argument. Judge Perry told him to put a pipe in it and allow Baez to argue his case. It seems Baez filed the wrong motion again.  Judge Perry says come back later and he’ll rule on “materiality” at another time and see if any of these issues apply to the “Frye Test”.  In context of criminal law, the Frye test refers to a standard of admitting scientific evidence at trial.  
  • Baez presented a scientific article referring to the “sniffer” machine.  This is novel machine used to sniff out human decomposition.  I think we can expect the death odor evidence will be argued to its fullest.  I can almost envision Drane Burdick and Ashton dragging the jurors outside to witness the “sniffer machine” in action.  Of course, it’ll be used on the trunk of one 1998 Pontiac Sunbird owned by Casey Anthony.  Can you say drama?
  • Lastly Baez informed Judge Perry that he had 45 new witnesses to depose from the state’s roster and it’s likely he wouldn’t be able to make the Aug 31, 2010 deadline.   Judge Perry reminded Baez of his allowance of 60 extra days giving him until October 31, 2010.  Everyone left happy.

In totality of today’s hearing, June 1, 2010 was not a good day for the defense or Casey Anthony.  A funny thing happened on the way to the courthouse, Casey Anthony had a  “slip and fall” and was unable to attend the hearing today.  Interesting.