Marinade Dave plays the victim again.  Dave, you are NOT the victim.  You actually are the instigator.  Where’s the proof you ask?  You did dupe all of your readers with the pedophile article, me included.   SirJef didn’t deserve that.  So what if he said you were smelly, ignore him and it will go away.  Grow up. You simply should not have responded…

You did out Boston’s email addy and IP address.  You did out her emails to you.  I read them before you took them down.  By the way, her emails were cordial and to the point.  I read nothing that would make you believe she was the one who posted on Bill Sheaffer’s site.  Boston nicely asked you to delete her comments from your site just like I did which you have yet to do.   This is why you revealed Boston’s personal information.   Up until then, she was one of your friends and you hurt her.  Ironically, I do have a history with Boston. I spammed her comments for awhile but I would NEVER divulge her information or anyone else who comments here for ANY REASON. 

Yes, it may not be against the law, but it is against common decency.  As the owner of a blog such as the one you’ve worked so diligently, I expected more.  I was duped. Yes, you write good articles.  Yes, you use a video camera and you are in Orlando and able to attend hearings.  Great, but you are irresponsible and no longer respected by many.  That’s really too bad.

As for me, I was totally in a fog when all of this drama surfaced.  Little did I know the history and the fact that you created enemies long before I ever commented on your blog.   I truly feel sorry for your new followers.  Rob, bigdog68, he’ll be next.  Many innocent people come to your site with the best intentions and then they get baited and snarked. You allowed it to happen to me.  Well, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself.  You can attest to the fact that I never emailed you to complain.  I can definitely handle the haters with ease.  I’ve been doing this for almost two years.  No sweat. 

You came here and admitted your little tale (lie) of having lunch with the Judge Strickland, Burdick, Cheney and Baez. You claim it was an “off the cuff” comment.  It was a joke and it was on “me”. Why me?  Because I was the one no other Marinade Dave followers would care about.  After all, my name is “JB Mission” You could always say that I had it coming because I was a “Casey supporter”, right?   And just for the record,  this comment was on your November 30, 2009 article.  This date is important because it was NOT anywhere near mid-March when the hearing took place.  You did seek me out to tell me this blatant lie.   My reaction: What is he doing!!  I have a feeling that this was Judge Strickland’s reaction when you chose to write a full article about him just because he was being kind.  Just like me, he  rues the day he ever met you.  (now be sure to counter this with another one of your lies)

Remember Dave, you are not the only one who has a temper.  The one’s who are commenting negatively about you have good reason.  I agree.  You’ve blocked me for stating the truth when you’re the one who is lying.  You are a liar and a pig for what you’ve done.

 Good luck with your pity party!