It’s May 10, 2010, just outside of Orlando County Courthouse.  After 90 long minutes of a well argued hearing, WFTV interviews Casey Anthony’s lead attorney Jose Baez for his commentary of today’s hearing.

Did the reporter just ask him if he wanted Miami/Dade County because of the “party atmosphere”?  OMG!  She did! But wait, who’s the pasty-skinned man in the background talking to Casey Anthony’s other attorney, Cheney Mason?   Well, I did hear a squeaky voice in the background at the onset of the cameras.  Viola! It’s the glutton, aka Marinade Dave!!  He’s baaack, begging to be the “victim” again.

As I am not a fan of the fanatical kindred folks of Orlando, I’ve ducked out of Marinade’s klu klux klan society, just in time not to be duped, baited and snarked.  Yeah for me!

But isn’t it getting old and a bit pathetic Dave?  I’m just saying…

So two days of hearing hoop-la.  What have I learned?  Yes to death. Change of venue, yes.  No, the defense doesn’t have to show their cards.

Quick summary because I’m on vacation enjoying the gulf shrimp, fish and sand while I can.

Cuz  “big slick” sits @ my front door, threatening the wetlands and the gulf floor,  fish and birds are dying,  fishermen are crying, killing Louisianians livelihoods.  20 years till we outta da woods.

Katrina destroyed homes, BP destroyed lives.  Pray for us.