Raymond Lee Jenkins of Palmdale, CA was charged with the murder of college freshman Michelle O’Keefe.  He was the security guard at the local ParkNRide.  Michelle had just finished dancing in a video for Kidd Rock and returned to her car to get ready to go to class.  She moved her car to a darker area in order to change her clothes.  Soon after she was shot 4 times and died in her car.  The only other person nearby was Raymond Jenkins, the security guard.  He didn’t see anyone.  Det. Longshore found this odd and honed in on him.  Sgt. Raymond Jenkins was a veteran of the Iraqi War married with 4 kids.  The weapon was never found, nor any other viable evidence.  After LE tried for 4 years to make a case against him and failed,  the family decided they would file a wrongful death suit against Sgt. Jenkins.  The purpose of this was to get Jenkins to slip up in his testimony.  They felt strongly that this maneuver could gain the much needed evidence to try him criminally for the murder of their daughter, Michelle O’Keefe.   This  is what the O’Keefe family wanted most of all.   Of course, the money wasn’t the issue,  just like it’s not in the Anthony case.  Attorney John Morgan must owe a few favors to the SAO’s office. Yes, OCSO and court room politics raises it’s ugly head again. 

 I see how these 2 cases parallel and I’m wondering.  In Raymond Lee Jenkins case, he was tried 3 times, 2 were hung juries. The last one was conviction of Murder Two with no physical evidence.  Note the question of “double jeopardy” was never addressed. The last jury was out for 2 months before they could reach a verdict.  The state of California insisted that they come to a decision no matter how long it took.  Raymond Lee Jenkins was sentenced to 40yrs. Naturally, his attorney is filing for an appeal.  Hopefully he’ll get it.

Strangely, this is one of the few cases I found where the civil trial came before the criminal trial.  Casey Anthony’s is only the second one I’ve read about and I find it sickening to think this is allowed in our country’s judicial system.  We should never have to impede on someone’s right to a fair trial in order to make a criminal case.  I thought the state of Florida had a smoking gun in order to charge Casey Anthony with Murder One along with the death penalty.  Obviously, Linda Drake Burdick must be desperate.  May 2011 can’t come quick enough.