As of today @ exactly 9:30am, I had this overwhelming calmness that had taken over my psyche. Thanks to Hon. Judge Belvin Perry and his impressive take over of the Casey Anthony case, I’m confident of a good outcome. This has to be a good sign of things to come. I feel now I don’t have to worry about justice denied. Casey Anthony will have a fair trial.
Let the chips fall where they may!
My big black garbage bag of BS facts is packed full. I’m hoping to stuff a few true facts to the small bag under my desk but that won’t happen until May 2, 2011.
Let the games begin!!
I’ve known from the beginning the Tennessee Body Farm wasn’t prepared or able to produce the components of the smell of death. It’s a weak science, maybe even junk science. Maybe not the smell of death at all.
If the death smell was recognized by LE, wouldn’t LE take possession of the car immediately? Yes they would have. They would not have left the Anthony home until they had an arrest warrant for Casey and a search warrant for the home.
In any case, I am happy to hear Baez & Company will argue this and more. I can’t have justice for Caylee, unless I know justice is for all. That’s just me.