Yup, that’s what I say. After reading the very very unremarkable 289 pages of dysfunctional documents now I can surely see why OCSO had to stoop to the “old jailhouse snitch trick”. Find a couple of low life convicts who may need a favor. You know, like getting $20 in their commisary account, 10 hours more of TV soap opera time, and maybe if they’re lucky “a day in the courthouse!!” Woohoo..maybe even get an autograph from David Knechel. I can see the article headline now “Dave and his Day with the Babes”. What would be really neat is if he happened to add the link to “little black boy”.


This should get him another interview with WFTV. It’s just a matter of time.

Another thing I see in my crystal ball. Judge Belvin’s shocking announcement, “Since it has come to my attention that this case has provoked such hatred toward the defendant in the immediate area of Orlando, Florida, it is my decision to allow change of venue in favor of the defense” Oh no!!
The World of Blog goes bananas. Computers ablaze! They spew more blame and hatred towards the defense team. They cry wishing Judge Strickland hadn’t stepped down. They will swear the ever-so-powerful Cindy and George were behind this all along, yada, yada, yada.
It’s just a matter of time…

It seems like in today’s documents? The documents requested by one of Casey’s many top-notch attorneys, Ms. Kenny-Baden. She had requested the forensic findings of an unknown hair. Don’t exactly know where this hair came from but it was obviously important enough that 7 or 8 female crime scene investigators were asked for hair samples. Surprisingly, none of their hair samples matched the suspicious hair in question.
It’s just a matter of time…
More predictions by the JBmission. She’s on fire!!