4/19/2010 6:22 PM


Judge Strickland steps down today April 19, 2010.  Am I surprised?  Is the Pope a Buddhist?

Anthony’s defense team filed a motion Friday requesting that Judge Stan Strickland be disqualified from the case. On Monday, sadly Judge Strickland signed an order to disqualify. Chief Judge Belvin Perry will take over the case.  He also ironically presides over Zenaida Gonzalez’s lawsuit  against Casey Anthony.  I can’t help but wonder how this will pan out.  Can Judge Belvin Perry legally preside over both simultaneously?  As the Casey Anthony’s case moves closer to trial, you will most likely be hearing more about him.

Ironically, Chief Judge Belvin Perry was the topic of poor Marinade Daves’s  article “little black boy”.  Of course he had a nice story behind this disparaging titled article. Seems like Marinade Dave did some graphic work for Judge Byrd in 2006.  Judge Byrd was up for re-election and his opponent just so happened to be Belvin Perry Jr.   Marinade Dave was a bit taken back by Judge Byrd’s last comment to him.  Dave’s article stated he checked with an attorney who was a friend and he said it was in his best interest to complete the job even under such extreme duress.  Dave is really a good guy I am sure he wants us to believe that!  Well, that’s Dave’s story and we’ll have to consider the source.   Here it is:


One thing for sure David Knechel will not be “the best blogger on the web” in his eyes.  I can’t believe the irony.  If ever we needed to laugh, this is the time.  I can see it already on Dave’s next motion hearing appearance.  “Bailiff please remove the man wearing the blue shirt in the front row and move him to the back”  Thank you.  Lets begin.


Above is the motion that was filed by Cheney Mason on Friday.  After reading this, I am positive that Judge Strickland made the right decision.  I applaud him for doing the right thing with such decorum and professionalism.  Hopefully we will see more of this than the “Night Court” comedy show I’ve seen so far.

As for Chief Judge Belvin Perry, he has many accomplishments.  I think he’ll do an excellent job of maintaining order and decorum in the court.  Here’s a link listing his credentials.