ooh wait…whiff.  Sure coulda used some tonight!

Chloroform is Back With a Vengence!!!!


Now lets get to the facts of this case.  Maya Derkovic, Casey Anthony’s X-fellow inmate, tried and convicted murderer, jailhouse snitch #2 ??  Wait till you get a whiff of this..

She says Casey told her that she would sometimes pour some chlorofarm (sic) on a rag & put it over the baby’s face to put her to sleep. Yup, that’s what she says.  You know, so she could go out and meet men and God only knows what else. Anyways.. 

I have to get my facts str8..Casey Anthony? ?  Well, I read in the documents that she actually googled “how to make chloroform” on her puter.  So I said to myself, sheesh, if she can look it up, so can I.  So I did just that and looky here.  First you got to get the right materials.  I’ll just c & p it.

– Bottle of Bleach.  (not too hard to find)

– Bottle of pure acetone    (maybe you can buy this at the hardware store)

(not nail-polish remover, you can pick up acetone at hardware stores)

– Big bag of party-ice. You really do need a lot of ice. ( how much is a lot?)

– Glassware, so you can see how much of the solution has turned to chloroform. You cannot see well through many other materials, plastic etc.

(do they still make them brown glass jugs??)


1. Pour bleach in glass container. Almost all the way up. Maybe use half a litre or so, but it can work in smaller sizes, its just less effective. ( I don’t know if Casey knows what a litre is)

2. Add ice to the bleach, to cool it down to a temperature significantly cooler than room temperature. Leave it to cool for a bit.  (what’s a bit??)

3. Add one part Acetone for every 50 parts Bleach. Pour acetone in, replenish the ice if necessary. With time the reaction should cloud up and increase in heat. (this part confused the lights out me !!)

4. Leave it for 20 minutes, just to make sure that the reaction is fully completed. Keep a close eye on it though, it may overheat. Feel the glass occasionally to make sure. Also, allow time for the reaction to settle. Time may vary with the size of reactions made. ( I wonder what this stuff would do to fake fingernails?)5. After settling, there will either be a white powder at the bottom of the glassware, or a clear bubble. Pour off the remaining solution and try to leave the bubble/dust in the glass.

6. Extract pure chloroform with a separation funnel or a similar instrument..

( they forgot to mention you need a funnel )

7. If you wish to store chloroform, use a brown glass bottle only to prevent radiation making it turn to phylogeny quicker. Also, make sure the bottle is filled all the way up, because chloroform reacts with Oxygen. You can only store the chloroform for a week or so however, because it will eventually decompose.

(so this means if she doesn’t fill up the special brown bottles to the very tippy top then it will turn to phylogeny quicker than you can say phylogenies)

The evolutionary development and history of a species or higher taxonomic grouping of organisms. Also called phylogenesis.

I don’t think she’d want any of that. 

Some bloggers said, no one else could have looked it up but her.  I guess they had those spy cameras all up in the Anthony home so they should know.

Some other bloggers said, Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother might have brought some home from her work.  Well, I got to looking that up and I found out that not too many medical facilities even use it any more.  Some others even said they didn’t think Cindy would do that even if she could. Besides that, wasn’t she just a home health nurse?

Well, here’s another fact.  That Ricardo Morales, he had a website on and he had some little snippet posted on there that said “Win her over with chloroform”.  I found this little fact quite interesting.  Maybe Casey wanted to know just how easy it would be for Mr. Morales to make chloroform.  You know, not all men can be trusted and hell, I might have wanted to look that up too just out of curiosity.

 Well these are some of the facts of the case.  I think I’m gonna add this fact to the big bag of bullshit facts I have sitting under my carport.  I have a little bag for the real facts in this case. That little bag sure needs some filling before May 2, 2011.