This is a copy of the article titled “Blogger in Question Talks with News 13” used to get about 5,000 hits a month when he had only feature content on his site.

However, ever since he started writing about Casey Anthony, it has skyrocketed to around 100,000 hits a month.

He told News 13 he’s a writer who is naturally inquisitive, always asks questions, and talks to just about anybody.

Now he’s become a part of the Anthony case.

Dave Knechel is more commonly known as Marinade Dave.

It’s his webpage where he mostly blogs about Anthony.

“I go to the hearings, I write about it and I try to take a more neutral stance,” Knechel said.

One day after a court hearing in October, his writing was recognized by Judge Stan Strickland.

Knechel was about to leave the court when a bailiff stopped him.

“(He said) The judge wants to meet with you and I said ‘no, I don’t think so’ and sure enough he just wanted to say hello and that he reads my blog,” Knechel said.

A few days after that Knechel blogged about it.

Knechel said Strickland told him “needless to say, I do go on the Internet and read about this case. I must say that you have the best Web site regarding this case. You investigate and you are very fair to everyone.”

Later in the conversation Strickland said “No, you are very good as a writer and you stick to the facts. You are very fair and I’m impressed.”

Anthony’s defense said the conversation is grounds for the Strickland to remove himself from the case.
In his opinion, Knechel said what the judge reads or watches on TV doesn’t make a difference.

“I don’t think he would formulate an opinion based on what somebody writes on a newspaper on a blog on a forum on any sort of media outlet,” Knechel said.

News 13 asked Knechel about his relationship with Strickland, who said there’s nothing there.

“I wouldn’t say that we’re friends,” Knechel said.

Knechel said he doesn’t make any money from his website, and does it simply because he is a writer and lives in Orlando.


When I think of how harmless I thought posting my thoughts, asking questions, posing theories, sharing speculative opinions and real ones, I never imagined a blogsite could find its way right smack in the middle of a murder trial.  But here’s the proof.  Dave Knechel of has done just that.  Casey Anthony’s defense team has petitioned a motion to have Judge Strickland taken off the trial of Casey Anthony.

I think we all started out the same way.  We heard the 911 calls. We saw the pictures from Fusion’s nightclub.  We saw a picture of a beautiful baby girl.  We heard she was kidnapped.  We soon found out she was supposedly missing for 31 days.  Of course, good people from all over the world wanted to know more. For whatever reason, maybe morbid curiosity, sorrow, sadness or anger, millions of people wanted to know more.  My reasons were morbid curiosity and my interest in “Justice In AMERICA”. 

From around August 15th of 2008, I joined a blog called .  Yes, that’s’ what I want to do.  I want to help and so does a lot of other people.  People like me, who have never posted an opinion or shared a recipe over the world wide web, all got together under pseudo saucy names and blogged away. Mine was Curious Dee.  I posted on this site day and night.  Some other posters liked me, but only if it was on a private message.  The rest of them ridiculed me of course because I hated the “haters”.  The ones who end every damn post with “Justice for Caylee”.  Or better yet, you mustn’t want justice for an innocent baby, do you? You DON’T KNOW the facts!!  They begged YourTurnToHelp to ban me.  For whatever reason he didn’t.  For whatever reason, no longer exist.  Poof.

This is why I have just recently began posting on Marinade Dave’s site.  I thought it was awesome.  I thought but now I don’t know.  You be the judge.

Here I am, too late for discussion. I guess better late than never. Anyway, I have a point I’d like to make, omitting the legalities of course.
I’ve been re-evaluating some of the issues I think will come up at trial. In doing so I’ve found an article that I overlooked and wanted your take on.
It’s dated Nov24, 09. This is the last paragraph which caught my attention.
Another Equusearch volunteer named Joseph Jordan told the Anthony defense that he searched the area on September 1, 2008 with five to six volunteers and two dogs. He was also not on the list of 32 searchers but didn’t comment on whether he noticed anything out of the ordinary.
Note: “two dogs”!! This is the first time I’ve heard of dogs searching the area. Roy Kronk found Caylee in August 11th, (alone, one man) and six other people and 2 dogs can’t find her on September 1st?? This is preposterous!
Even if you don’t believe Joseph Jordan or Laura Buchanan, what about Tim Miller’s 32 verifiable searchers? They didn’t find Caylee either. Hmm..
Also I came across this site:
Cadaver K-9’s are used to locate human remains following a natural or manmade disaster, as well as drownings. There are two kinds of searches that Cadaver dogs perform- underwater searches and land searches.
Just to point out, there are cadaver dogs who are trained to locate human remains underwater.

Marinade Dave // March 17, 2010 at 3:46 pm

Hello, TheJBmission – It is my understanding that 2 dogs accompanied an off-duty sheriff’s deputy from another county or state, but it is also my understanding that they were not cadaver dogs, so they were not trained to smell human flesh, dead human flesh. I am convinced that the woods where the skull was found were under water. I’ve been there and studied that area, and years ago, I lived near there and know all about flooding problems. TES stated that no one could search there because of flooding, and that was documented at the time. Why else would they have not gone in there? Also, where Dom Casey searched was 175+ feet east of the exact spot, and I am very aware how much higher in elevation it is where he traipsed through.

By the way, it’s never too late for discussion. Only dinner, but I try to get there on time.

Thanks Dave,
It’s good that you have an up close and personal view of this area. I forgot about Hurr. Fay too. If my memory serves me right, Fay hit a few days after Kronk was milling around in August too, so its easy to say there was lots of water in early September. Too bad they didn’t use the right kind of cadaver dogs, oh well.
It’s just a shame Caylee wasn’t found in August. So much information and forensics were lost. I can’t believe how lucky this was for Casey. Hurricane Fay, the lazy police officer, a snake and a few other incidences that could work in her favor. Forensically speaking of course. As for circumstancial evidence? There’s tons.

I’m back here again. BTW, you looked good in court today. I think you had the best seat in the house. I can’t wait to read your next article on the hearing. Good stuff, I’m sure.
I was coming her specifically to talk about this issue. I don’t know if Kronk is directly involved. I was a bit surprise though to hear from his X-wives that he wasn’t the most upright guy. Putting this aside, I began thinking about him and what his motivation was. This is a theory for you.
What if Roy Kronk did find Caylee in mid August? He can prove thru taped 911 calls that he did report a suspicious bag 3 times. I think at this point Roy was thinking about the $125,000 reward that Leonard Padilla was offering. I bet he thought it was his lucky day. He did call 3 days in a row and LE was basically blowing him off. Maybe he didn’t trust the cops. Maybe he thought one of them was going to call a family member to find the body and he wouldn’t collect anything. Maybe that’s why Kronk moved the body. That would explain why Tim Miller and searchers didn’t find her in Sept. Kronk knew he had to put it back, so he waits until he knows the coast is clear. He knows the Anthony’s are being watched 24/7. So he waits until Dec 10/11th when it was all over the news that George and Cindy were in California doing the Larry King show. This meant there wouldn’t be any cops in the Anthony neighborhood and the coast was clear. Then he could report the body one more time and this time he wasn’t going to let the cops blow him off. I think this is possible. What do you think?

I’m back. I had lunch. We all went out. Jose and gang, Linda Drane Burdick and company. I told them we wouldn’t all fit in Waffle House, but dang! We did. Cheney Mason even picked up the tab – plus, he left a big tip! Judge Strickland was telling funny jokes the whole time. I coughed in my coffee, it was so funny. The only sad part for me was that they all ate dessert, but I couldn’t.

Are you serious!! @ Waffle House? lol dessert. But WOW.. It’s like you’re a celeb Dave. I bet you never knew you’d be doing this 3 years ago. I think it’s awesome and you do an excellent job.
I don’t know if you noticed but it’s hard being me on blogs. But I think you get that. BTW, JB doesn’t have a thing to do with Jose Baez. lol It’s a personal thing. I realized it after I created my name. Oh well.
So Judge Stan is a comic huh? He does seem to have that sarcastic edge to him but I bet he’s all about the business in the court room.
Well, I want you know I’m so envious of you right now. You know, this case will be a part of history and chances are you’ll be part of it. How exciting. Good 4 you.
Don’t worry about my theory re: Kronk. I just wanted it in print in case I’m If I’m like really really wrong, will you delete it for me.
Thanks again for all that you do. See ya in the pit.

These are my posts on  I posted these comments because I wanted to stay on topic.  I thought my comments were suitable for the topic even though this had been discussed months before. 

Dave is now claiming this was just a joke and the funny thing is I believe him, NOW!  What judge would  go out to lunch with the defense team, the SAO and the BLOGGER??  Yes, it’s all crystal clear now but what’s not clear is his intention.  Why go to an article dated November 30, 2009 and post this nonsense under MY COMMENT?  Where else did he post this?  Who else did you prank? Why me Dave?