Who are Clay and Robyn Adams?

The Adams Family


  Letters, Part 1,   516 pages released Wednesday, April 06, 2010

 Well, we could start here but this doesn’t tell the entire story.


Here’s their arrest pdf: 

 They’re married June 1, 2008.


Now here’s a nice site.  Robyn McDonnell Adams is politely thanking everyone for attending their wedding and for the gifts they received.  I have a picture of families from Wedding site.

Wedding date: Saturday, June 1, 2008.  By July 2008 they’re renting a house to cultivate marijuana. 

On October 10, 2008, they’re entering pleas to conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1000 kilograms or more of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (drug user).  Clay also entered guilty pleas to additional charges of possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense, disposal of a firearm to a prohibited person (convicted felon), and unlawful possession of an unregistered National Firearms Act firearm (short-barreled rifle).

 They were arrested July 21, 2008.  Search was made on their home where 782 assorted pain pills were also found along with marijuana and paraphernalia.

Considering the source…

My impression:  I’m not really comfortable with what I’m reading.  I feel like KC is being betrayed at a very vulnerable time in her life.  Especially on page 175 of Part 1 when Officer Hernandez is purposely allowing Robyn to visit KC.  KC is falling apart upset because LP is searching the Ebon River.  Robyn notes the diver who is with LP is in fact Dave Badali.  Robyn doesn’t want to tell her it was David Badali who betrayed her.  I need to find out more about David Badali. David Badali?  Robyn claims David Badali betrayed her and husband Clay.  Page 98 of 516, Part 1


 What I’m thinking: Robyn & Clay’s case involved them renting a house to be used to grow marijuana/hydro.  They got married June 1, 2008.  I particularly remember text messages to KC.  Some of them were about finding a house.  I find this ODD.  

What disturbs me is, if KC is so guilty, then why does LE have to set her up with a snitch?  Especially when they are diving for Caylee.  And what are the odds of David Badali being the betrayer of Robyn and he’s the one who is diving for Caylee @ Econ River?? I can’t just yet put this together.  It’s too involved for me right to tackle at the moment.  Just my thoughts for the day…