As I mentioned before, I don’t read the media views of what I can read for myself. I like to sit down with a legal pad and take notes. Here’s what I found interesting.
Pg 8 of 516 – Lee the molester? Maybe GA too? IDK
pg 10 of 516 – KC talks about her love for Caylee. Her plan was to leave. ( I’m right about the plan )
pa 30 of 516 – KC says GA either quit of loss his job but continued to leave the house without telling CA his whereabouts. (could this be when he was with River Cruz)
pg 51 of 516 – KC is pissed that CA for bringing someone connected to the Today Show to court. (exactly when IDK)
pg 53 of 516 – KC says Lee was working for LE when he was asking her questions in jailhouse visits in July & Aug. She says GA hurt her too.
pg 54 of 516 – LOL! Cindy is writing a book. CA has trademarked the name “Caylee” and wants to trademark Casey’s name too.
pg 63 of 516 – Robin’s letter to Tracy Nealy. She wants to know if she could cash-in on the Casey letters.
pg 68 of 516 – dated 04-02-09
pg 70 of 516 – states she’s known Robin for 6 months (approx Nov 2008)
pg 78 of 516 – KC begs to have her little girl back..what she wouldn’t give – says she’s always with her.
pg 81 of 516 – KC talks about taking a shower in the dark @ home. She leaves the door open so she can hear Caylee if she wakes up. “memories”..she says.
pg 87 of 516 – note* if KC sneezes in court. oh oh (joke)
pg 98 of 516 – Robyn’s letter to Tracy. Robyn apologizes for writing to KC. “This may be my only way out of prison sooner than my expected term” Robyn admits the reason why she writes to KC, to use her as a bargaining chip. 1st time Robyn mentions David Badali. She compares herself to David Badali and how he betrayed her. Tracy might be encouraging Robyn as well.
pg 100 of 516 – note* Robyn’s husband, Clay’s father is a judge and knows alot of attorneys. Wow.
pg 103 of 516 – who is Pearl Croft?
pg 120 of 516 – Letter from Robyn to Tracy thanking her for doing something with KC’s letters. She thinks KC is not right. (crazy?)
pg 165 of 516 – KC says “joy” to her is Caylee. How she misses her.
pg 175 of 516 – Robyn writes to BFF (Tracy) I’ve been allowed to secretly come out late @ night to have chats with KC. KC is very distraught when they are diving in river. (Econ) Must be writing about the time LP was diving in Econ River. KC was very upset. Ironically, the diver who found the bones was David Badali. Officer Hernandez is encouraging the Robyn to talk with KC.
I’m amazed by the press and what they’re reporting. Lots of embellishments. Wow, that’s scary.
Link to Letters, Part 1