I’m not in total disagreement with yesterday’s ruling. In my opinion, Jose Baez went through the motions of trying to retrieve TES information for a reason. He’ll use this fact during trial, a typical defense tragedy.
Actually, I don’t think Baez needs it anyway. Joe Jordan says he searched Area A where Caylee’s remains were eventually found. He claims there was nothing there in early September when he searched. Laura Buchanan may have gone to Suburban Drive and I believe she did. Many people went to look on their own without TES or any other organization. Look at Roy Kronk. He went alone, 4 times that we know of. So people were very interested in finding little Caylee. I think this is true.
32 other searchers will agree with Joe Jordan and Laura Buchanan. No remains found in September 2008. Nope, nope, nope.
If the prosecution wants to use the excuse of “high water” for not finding Caylee, than that’s fine. But to a juror, this excuse could raise reasonable doubt. Begging the question, was baby Caylee there all along? Roy Kronk will say yes, but unfortunately, his claim can not be proven because Officer Richard Cain and other LE were unable to find her on 3 different occasions in middle August 2008. Investigating officers have excuses too. The prosecution will admit Officer Cain was fired. It will be explained why in court. It seems the prosecution has a lot of excuses. “Was Caylee there all along?” hmm..Thought provoking.
I’m sitting on pins and needles waiting for inmate Casey Anthony’s jailhouse letters to inmate Robyn Adams who is facing 10 years on a drug charge, along with her husband who happens to be an X-cop from a nearby county. Of course these letters were allowed by a helpful jailhouse guard. When I heard about this, I laughed out loud. This tragic saga wouldn’t be complete without the correspondence letters from a “jailhouse snitch.”
Without having read any of the letters, I’ll go out on a limb and state, these letters will not reveal much. From what’s been hinted so far, they contain lots of “Cindy & George” bashing. Where will they fit in the picture, I do not know. My question, “What does this have to do with the price of oranges?”
In any case, it’ll be good reading and I suspect it’ll be the topic of many discussions and more frivolous speculation. The blogs will be booming with hecklers and skeptics.
Carpe Diem!