April 4, 2010 4:07 pm

610 days since Caylee was last seen by anyone.

I'm working Mom..

CA: answer the phone KC you little b&#ch !!!
KC: Mom, I’m at work at Universal Studios, you know that..
CA: Where’s Caylee KC ??
KC: Mom, I told you yesterday, she’s with the nanny.
CA: KC that’s what you’ve told me over a year ago!!!
KC: She’s doing fine Mom, I’m in a meeting…(background; one sec Juliette)
CA: Okay KC, I’m sorry you left home so angry. We miss Caylee so much..(crying)
KC: Yeah, yeah, yeah.. ok, gotta go Mom, byeee.

This is sick I know, but was this Casey’s great plan to get away with murder? The damning question I often read is why did KC wait 31 days before reporting Caylee missing? She didn’t report anyone missing, Cindy did. (that is the deepest darkest thought you’ll ever read in this case) Proof that Caylee was not missing when Casey is out and about shaking her ass at Fusions and serving up shots of booze for a bounty of $1.00.  The Zanny the Nanny story was fabricated by a scared stupid girl who probably left her precious daughter Caylee with some seedy ass, possibly very dangerous people whom she dared to question.

I never forgot the infamous wild goose chase to Universal Studios. Casey proudly walks up the stairs to her fictitious office. When the detectives called her on the bold faced lie, they ask, “How is this helping to find your daughter?” Casey replied, “It is in a backwards sort of way”.  

Back to the dumb ass pretend phone call:
Was this phone call the plan of a sociopath trying to get away with murder? She’s planning on telling her mother this story for years. She must have planned on telling her boyfriend, friends and family this same lie for over a year too. To me, Casey seems to be a reasonably intelligent young woman. Her plan had to be better than this. As a 12yo, I could think of something far better than to hang around Orlando and keep spewing the same lie over and over again. This tells me and anyone else with an open clear mind, “something else is going on”. This shit isn’t right.

Well, it depends, if Casey had been able to make a clean break from Florida and started over in a different state then there would not have been much that Cindy could do. She could have probably pulled it off completely given the distance between her and her mother. Its scary but I think that she could have even kept Cindy from calling police if Cindy knew that she wasn’t anywhere near her anymore.
If Casey “had Caylee” out of state and just kept making excuses as to why grandma could not speak to her and she didn’t tell her mom where she was, or if she did she gave her a different location as she was would to do from time to time, then what would Cindy have been able to tell police aside from “my ADULT daughter has left home with her child and won’t let me talk to her anymore….this is where she said she is…..” and when the police checked it out, either Casey was not even there or she was living under a different name or something.

There’s a scenario that would have possibly worked. Naysayers would say, sociopath Casey wouldn’t have the backbone to go out into the world all alone and start a new life. But I would beg to differ…if Casey wanted to get away with murder she’d sure as hell try. Beats sitting behind bars for life or worst face the death penalty.

There is a method to my madness. It’s called common sense. All anyone has to do is place themselves in the shoes of the accused and think like they would. It’ll all make much more sense. If that’s not possible than it is not likely you’ll be able to produce any probable theory at all. Without a theory, there’s no case because there’s NO EVIDENCE except for circumstantial and a rancid car trunk. The smell of death has never been canned for comparison. The Tennessee Body Farm can only give us inconclusive findings as to what the chemical compound should be. This is not good enough science to find a conviction, not to mention an unknown DNA finding on the duct tape.

If anyone doubts my impression of Casey Anthony, bring it on. Believe me, the state prosecutors are being coerced by the public into the trumped up charges of murder in the first degree with death penalty. Anything less could cause them to lose the next election. Their careers hinge on this case. Even the skeptical dog hound Leonard Padilla has suddenly admitted he thinks Caylee died from an accidental event.
I won’t even go that far. The evidence doesn’t say that to me. The evidence says a very evil person has done a very awful thing. This person has motive and hatred in their heart. This person watches the news and therefore knew exactly where to place poor baby Caylee’s remains. The remains were not there when Tim Miller searched or did the cadaver dogs who were searching the Anthony home find their way to the end of the block. Common sense tells me, once a dog is hitting on a scent, they’ll follow it wherever it goes. The dogs didn’t pick up a scent to lead them 11 houses down the street.

Here’s a weird ass thing to do. Who kills someone and borrows a shovel from the neighbor? Is this a sign of a smart person? Is this a sign of a scheming sociopath?
But let’s go there:
Casey borrows a shovel from Brian Burner. He notices her car is backed up to the garage. He never says he saw the car leave. Marc Fuhrman states on Greta Van Sustern’s show, “well that says a lot, she only borrowed the shovel for an hour. The child should be close by”. Yes Mark, she’s down Hopespring Dr. right across from the elementary school. Gee thanks “Mr. Former Detective”.

Lets go to the day Caylee’s remains were found, December 11, 2008. Remembering by this time, everybody and their Grandma had been to this site. Kids riding their bikes, people jogging by, protestors doing their dirty work, looky-loos doing a drive by and Roy Kronk and pals. In fairness to all, yes Hoover, Dominic Casey and their gang had even paid a visit to this area. This is the area that Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller couldn’t find in all of their efforts to find little Caylee. How lucky for Roy Kronk. He’s just a meter man on his route, needs to pee and spots something strange. Wow, is he Irish?

He’s well aware of this case, just as all of Floridians are, so he goes to take a look. Oh, oh, it looks suspicious to Roy so he calls 911, 3 times within 3 days, August 11, 12, and 13th. Of course, everyone knows now, this incredible finding was never followed thru as thoroughly as it should have been. Can you say cadaver dogs?

For reasons unknown, patrol men didn’t find it important enough, even though it was only a block down the street from Caylee Anthony’s home. Again, common sense tells me, this isn’t right. And what does Roy Kronk say when he finally goes back to take a look at the suspicious bag he said he saw in August? “I’m down the street from the home of Caylee Anthony…” He mentions her name! Now, 5 months after this beautiful baby is missing, he putting it together that this might be her. Get out of here.
Another thing that can’t be ignored. Why does he happen to go there when it’s all over the news that George and Cindy are in California doing the Larry King show. That’s right, no one’s home. Sounds like a good time to find a body and get an automatic search warrant to the Anthony home. Let’s go team. This is our big chance to get some evidence. Good plan by the way, just a little too obvious to me.
By the way, not much was found, but at least they could get what they wanted without the interference of the family and their pesky attorneys. The duct tape didn’t match which was the most important piece of evidence they wanted to find.
Oh well.
If I stop right here for the moment, I think I’ve made my point. The things that should fit together don’t. Lying daughter is not a sociopath. The placing of the body doesn’t fit either. The way Caylee’s body was found is a sham to say the least. And most importantly, there’s NO CONCLUSIVE EVIDENCE after all the hard work these wonderful FBI forensic scientist have done. Go figure. I don’t know why this is so hard, but I will stand by my convictions until there’s a fingerprint or DNA that belongs to Casey Anthony. Until then …Carpe Diem!