Here’s the full article dated September 30, 2009:
According to an examination of the evidence released on Tuesday in the Casey Anthony case, DNA evidence found on the duct tape wrapped around the skull of Caylee Anthony could be a boon to the defense.
WKMG’s Tony Pipitone has revealed that the duct tape in question has no traces “…of Caylee’s accused killer, her mother Casey.”
The mystery DNA was found on the adhesive side of the tape. An independent DNA expert, Dr. Henrietta Nunno, consulted by WKMG, told Pipitone this DNA evidence does not belong to Casey, Casey’s parents, Caylee, or the FBI lab analyst.
This may give Casey’s defense the opportunity to claim the tape was not contaminated by the FBI, but rather the DNA belongs to Caylee’s actual killer.
Additionally, the report said the duct tape found on Caylee does not match the tape that was on the gas tanks taken from the Anthony home.
Pipitone said “If that bears out as this case progresses, that could also be very damaging in any attempt to tie Casey to the scene of that crime.”
According to Hal Boedecker, Pipitone stated what he thought would help the defense including, the outline of the heart sticker that had been on the duct tape being destroyed by the FBI in testing; the FBI admitting that the hairs found in Casey’s trunk could not be definitively tied to Caylee; and the FBI acknowledging that the stain in Casey’s trunk reported to be in the shape of a child was only speculation.