Six months ago it was reported from the FBI that there was some crucial mishaps in the processing of the duct tape found on poor little innocent Caylee’s skull. It seems while processing the infamous heart residue that was found on the duct tape, the tape was destroyed. Of course this was story one. Then came the bombshell, the duct tape was contaminated with DNA from a lab tech. Believable enough, I suppose. The FBI identified the lab tech and this happens from time to time was the response from them. Not a problem, but what is a problem is the 3rd finding on the duct tape. It seems there’s DNA on the duct tape that doesn’t belong to the Anthony family. It was not reported to come from another lab tech either.
So Linda Drake Burdick has a problem, in my humble opinion.
As I’ve been posting and commenting on various blogsites since the beginning of the Caylee Anthony case, I’m confused why this isn’t of any importance to many of the bloggers but I assure you this is pertinent information to Baez & Company, Casey Anthony’s defense team. This could be the deciding factor and Casey could walk free. Not that I’d like to see this, but since the state has decided to go “all-in” on this case and charge her with 1st degree murder with the death penalty, I can certainly see a not-guilty verdict. Manslaughter would have been sufficient in my opinion because whatever happened to Caylee, direct murder or not, Casey did not protect her. There’s a charge right there. Felony Neglect. We’ll see what transpires at trial.
With this crucial information, I’m back to square one and I still feel Caylee’s paternity is the key to this crime. Annie Downing, Casey’s good friend will tell you that Casey liked to wander. Annie says she considered herself one of Casey’s “base friends”. A home girl whom Casey could always come back to when things didn’t work out right with her “new” friends. I can relate to that. I think many of us have “base friends”, but here lies the problem. No one knows who these new friends are. Casey got herself pregnant from a new friend. He didn’t stick around. Casey has never divulged who he is for a reason no one knows. I, for one would like to know the reason. I’d like to know why this deadbeat dad was allowed to take off into the sunset, leaving his child behind. So here I go again. I’m back looking for daddy.
I’m not sure if anyone wants to check this information out, but I find this interesting enough that we might just want to take a peak at this again. As I was reading the dump doc, Part 1, page 29, I nearly choked when I saw a picture of this Zenaida Gonzalez. It seems CA and DC were doing their research as well. Back in Aug 08, I found most of the same. There is a ZG whose sister Samantha Gonzales who married Pedro Carlos Ortiz on June 02, 2008. Interesting enough since I recall the name Jesus Ortiz was the guy who died in a car crash in May of 2007, so there’s the connection. I found the newspaper article about his tragic death. In the article there’s a comment from one of Ortiz’s friends, Stephanie Kostakis saying he was one of the best people she ever knew. It just so happens that Stephanie Kostakis is on Casey’s visitor list. She didn’t’ actually visit her, but she’s on her list nonetheless.
above is link to Jesus Ortiz’s tragic car crash
below is the visitor log for Casey Anthony: