Long ago on September 09, 2008, there was a nice lady who decided to snoop into George and Cindy Anthony’s garbage that they had put out on the curb. Not a bad idea, I thought so I watched the video. What’s interesting in this video is not so much of what she found in the garbage bag but the “bag itself”. It’s obvious to see the garbage bag has RED TIES. Here’s the video of The Trash Lady snooping in the garbage. Look for yourself.

Months later in doc dump Feb 18, I took these notes:

Body found wearing pink and white vertical striped shorts w/pink top worded “Big trouble comes Small’ size 3T and pull up diaper.
Whitney Design, was the name brand of the canvas bag found on the inner part of the garbage bag, this same brand was found in the Anthony home.
Bags: Total of two black garbage bags with “YELLOW” ties and the tan Whitney Design canvas bag.
Now, this alone doesn’t prove much but much like some of the circumstantial evidence, I have to add it to my list of things that don’t fit.
It seems logical to me that the Anthony’s were using the same type of garbage bags in June 08 as they were using in Sept 08.
Again, here’s another example of what is NOT being discussed or brought to the public’s attention. I think it’s interesting enough but that’s just me.