As of yesterday,  I had to rid The JB mission of  Boston.  At first, I welcomed Boston, as I welcome all comments even the ones who don’t agree with me.  After numerous comments and replies, I soon got the gist of why Boston came here.  It wasn’t to convert me to the other side.  It wasn’t to add his/her perspective.  It was to engage me in some kind of foolish blog war.  Boston wanted to use my blogsite to advertise the more popular ones.  I refuse to participate.

I’m aware of  the current events of “World of Blog”.  It seems anytime there’s a lull in media hype regarding Casey Anthony, her family or her attorneys,  people begin attacking each other.  They attack their cronies, their blogmates, other blogs, etc. etc.  That’s not what the JBmission is about.  I don’t take my time to share my thoughts to win a popularity contest.  I am genuine.  I truly believe me.  Scary thought I know, but it’s true.  As JB  always told me, “baby, be true to yourself.”  I’m trying.   If I’m so crazy and misinformed, why care what I write about?   I’m happy to explain my reasoning, but don’t come here to criticize me.  I don’t go to other blogs to criticize the masses.  It’s just “Little Old Me”.