It seems like there’s a lot going on with the Anthony family from June 13 thru June 17th.
I find this odd. 17/18/19 – KC stops by to see CS at his parents’ home. KC is driving TL’s jeep. KC tells CS her parents are getting a divorce. KC tells CS her car is broke down and she was borrowing the jeep from a friend.

Monday, June 16- This is Monday after Father’s day, George says @12:50pm, KC and Caylee were dressed and packed to leave. KC is wearing what he thinks is work clothes. KC tells George she’s going to work late, Caylee is going to the nanny’s and both of them are spending the night @ the nanny’s. KC tells him Cindy knows. Note: George has to be at work @ 3pm. 2:52-3:04 pm KC has 12 minute phone conversation with JG
@ 2:52-3:04pm, KC is on the phone with Jesse Grund. She is telling him her parents are getting a divorce and she has to move out.
From 4:24pm till 6:31pm there is no phone activity.
@ 6:31pm, KC attempts to make 2 interesting phone calls. One is to Cindy’s cell phone and the other is to her brother, Lee, then she checks her voice mail.
@ 7:06pm, she calls Lee and talks for 2mins, or possibly leaves a msg. Records aren’t definite.
@ 7:20 and 7:22pm, there’s one 2-min call to Amy Huizenga and one attempted call. Again, records aren’t definite if actual contact was made.
This was KC last phone activity for June 16.
@ 7:58pm KC and Tony are seen on video in Blockbuster’s, NO CAYLEE! My question, where is Caylee?? Where did KC take her? When did KC kill her? Was it between 4:24pm and 6:31pm when she NOT on the phone? If so, why does she feel the need to call her mother Cindy and her brother Lee, right after?? This doesn’t seem likely to me, but maybe..

During this crucial time, June 17, 18 & 19, Chris Stutz is at his parents home which is down the street from the Ant’s. KC drives by in Tony Lazaro’s jeep. HMM..She says her car is broke. This is the near the same time KC borrows a shovel from Brian Burner, the neighbor. This is the time most think she did something to Caylee. My question, why is she driving Tony’s jeep and where is HER CAR??
Note* there is NOT a definite date.

Tuesday, June 17- 2 days after Father’s Day, 1 day after George says he last saw Caylee in a pinkish top, jean skirt, monkey backpack and sunglasses, Tony L. states he skipped school so he and KC could sleep in late. It is said that after June 16th, KC stayed with him non-stop without Caylee. Yet on June 17th, other things are going on.
George calls KC from his job @ 2:30-2:38pm.
@ 4:04pm and 4:05pm, KC is trying to locate Tony L. Websleuth’s investigation says there was no phone activity for 6hrs, 18mins after these two calls. @ 10:23pm, KC checks her voice mail. At some point in the day, KC posts on mySpace to Amy H.,
“cheer me up me lady, I love u & I can’t wait to finally get u moved in”
My question, Moved in where and what’s with this I love you stuff?? Lots of mixed messages being sent to different people. Hmm..I don’t get it. On one hand she’s Tony’s live-in GF and then she’s pretending to Amy H, she’s going to live with her @ the Anthony home. WHY???

June 17 – TL states he skipped school this day and that KC sleeps in late.

So this is the supposed “day after or day of” the murder??  What changed Casey from the young proud mother who brags to her brother about her adorable child.  Read this:

April 24, 2008

Lee 9:28 AM “your niece is a genius.not only is she counting in spanish to 32…but she’s vacuuming too! dude. she’s up to my belly button. i swear to god. she’ll be taller than me when she starts kindergarten. you’re next!” “haha i meant that she’ll be taller than you too, buddy. oh you know i could take ya…strep throat and all.

April 25 2008
Casey to Lee 3:47 PM, “caylee is sitting on the bed, playing with mom’s pandas, you know, the ones with names…Sam, Dick & Harry. HI-larious. she’s giving them panda babies. seriously. make it stop! ” “i’m sure mom is planning a trip to mt. dora this weekend…possibly for tomorrow. if i tell her you guys are coming tomorrow afternoon, they can always go on sunday. i’ll mention it tonight when she comes home. i doubt there will be a problem.”

End of April/Beginning of May Casey starts talking to Anthony Rusciano again

Note* Please feel free to add any other events for June 17th if you have something I missed. Thanks. I love the Sunshine Law!