That’s not my job. My job is to be true to myself. As Judge Judy would say, “if it doesn’t make sense, then it’s not true”. I like following her logic. There’s so many things in this fiasco that doesn’t make sense and the odd thing, I think it’s only me that sees it. But I think I know why. It starts with what you believe when you first see the picture of Casey on the dance floor @ Fusion’s nightclub. If you believe that what you’re seeing is a 22yo. skank who just killed her baby and is now out in a club, smiling, dancing and having a good time then you’re on board for whatever Nancy Grace feeds you. If you look at this young mother dancing on the floor, shaking her ass, having a good time because she KNOWS her baby is in good hands, then you’re halfway to where I am. Because that’s what I see. I’ve been a 23 year old married mother out with my girlfriends having a great time and guess what, I didn’t just kill one of my 2 children.
I don’t know why everyone is married a date of Caylee’s demise. Has anyone “proved” what date Caylee was murdered on? Not Dr.G. It is presumed. Why? Because George said Monday, June 16th was the last day he saw Caylee alive. Oh right, Casey said it was June 17th the day she dropped off Caylee at Sawgrass Apts, but who believes Casey anyway.  She’s a habitual liar.  Nothing she says can be believed, so why believe that?  Will you believe there’s a Zenaida Gonzalez who shows up at Sawgrass Apts. June 17th?  It’s documented.  “Liar Casey” I can’t pick and choose what I care to believe. Once a liar, always a liar. Here lies the beginning of my insanity.  Yep, call me crazy.  I’ll share more of my madness on another post.  Stay tuned.