The problem with Casey is she is a poor murderess. Her murdering skills are under par in my opinion. I’ll admit Casey is a good liar, a fairly good thief, she does have some embezzling skills, but murder isn’t her forte.
Yes, I know how awful this sounds. Yes, I know I’m referring to the death of an innocent child, Caylee. I’m a mother of three children and I think it’s this fact that makes me wonder “how could a mother do this?” I know Casey wouldn’t be the first to do this horrible deed but there’s something different about Casey’s background that doesn’t make her a candidate to murder her child. Compared to Diane Downing, she was much more desperate. Susan Smith, she was weak, unattractive, lacked confidence and didn’t have the support system that Casey had. If Casey were any way like Susan Smith she would have broke down and confessed within 4 days. Why doesn’t Casey confess? I expected her to by now. I expected her to confess after she took LE on a joyride to Universal Studios. Nope, not even when she would have been given partial immunity. When Caylee was found on December 11, 2008, 11 houses from her swimming pool and her playhouse, I cried. I cried out of sadness but mostly anger at little Miss Casey.
To think I actually would have hired her to be my kid’s nanny. Look at her, really. Wholesome girl, beautiful smile, likable personality, polite, well spoken. Really, what’s wrong with Casey? I might have fixed her up with my son and he would have been happy. (okay, I’m lying. I would have caught her in her first lie and she would have been out the door) But other than that, she seems like a nice girl. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t know how to get away with murder.
A person who wants to get away with murder doesn’t borrow a shovel from a neighbor to use for burying bodies. They don’t stick around for 31 days after the fact when they’re holding a good checkbook to buy groceries and sexy clothes to look pretty for their boyfriend. Casey seems to be of reasonable intelligence. This sh*t doesn’t make sense.

Maybe she should have bought some hair dye and a bus ticket to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I think she would have fit in just fine. Maybe from there, she could have continued her lie to Cindy, but this time make it a long distance call. What could Cindy do then? Call the PoPo? Tell them her adult daughter moved away and took her grandchild. Stomp her feet and scream “I want to talk to my grand daughter right now!!” but my mean daughter won’t let me!”. What would the police do then? Yes, they might want to trace Casey down just in case, but it would have taken months before they got around to it. I’m sure they’ve run into this problem before. It sounds like a typical family dispute.
Nope, Casey’s not a good enough criminal in my mind.  So this is why, I’m in for the long haul. There’s something very strange about this one.  The whole damn thing stinks.  I’ll be back with more on that.