No, not George Anthony, ex-homicide dick? It’s the newest chapter of the world’s worst investigated murder case of the century, the murder investigation of Caylee Marie Anthony.
This story broke on March 11,2010 via of central Florida. Kathi Belich, the so-called Goddess of the station, wrote the article claiming George Anthony who is father of Casey Anthony, had a year long affair with a chubby, not too attractive, 37 year old named River Allen aka River Cruz. Who is River? Well, she’s the twin sister of Skye Benhaida. Skye is the person who spilled the beans on Georgie and her sister, River. River Cruz is so ashamed of being an adulteress, she now cries herself to sleep because in Blog World, she’s a slut. Oh my! Now why is this news worthy, you may ask. You see, it’s because while Georgie was canoeing his boat up River, he casually mentioned that Caylee’s death was an accident that snowballed. Oh, oh. Did George just admit he knew Caylee was dead all along? Did Georgie the Gigolo blab this information to his GF, River? Now, that may be a problem. OR it may be the truth.
I find it refreshing. Actually, I find it possible. I’d like to play the tape through. I’ll pretend Caylee Anthony’s death was an accident that snowballed in a cover up. Makes some sense when you think of what was happening at the Anthony home at the time of Caylee’s “disappearance”.
During the months prior to June 16, 2008,
1. Cindy had sought out counsel to divorce her husband George. She was advised that because George hadn’t worked in the last few years and Cindy had been the sole provider in the home, she would have to pay him alimony and leave him the house. Cindy was not happy.
2. George had been home bound for about a year collecting workman’s comp. While he was home nursing his “injury” he liked to play on the internet, losing money gambling and partaking in Nigerian Pyramid schemes. According to Casey’s friend Annie Downing, he also was cheating on his wife. This is what Casey told Annie Downing. For the sake of this play-out, lets say its true. I have reason to believe it is because emails to Shirley Pleasea (Cindy’s mom) confirmed this.  Also River Cruz has now surfaced proving George is a cheater. Cindy was not happy.
3. Casey was being her usual thieving self. She started off using Cindy’s credit cards, maxing them out and graduated to stealing from her Grandma Pleasea and her infirmed Grandpa Pleasea’s nursing home account. From some rumored reports the stealing reached over $40,000. This is not confirmed, but for the sake of the play-out, lets say $10,000. Casey has been riding the Cindy-Gravy-Train for the last 2years using her daughter Caylee as her meal ticket. Cindy adored Caylee and put up with Casey’s spending, lying and laziness because she couldn’t bear to lose her precious Caylee. During the spring of 2008, this was about to change. Cindy had consulted with a family counselor who advised her to use tough love on Casey. I believe during this time Cindy did just that.  She gave Casey a deadline and an ultimatum. Get a “better” job and support yourself and daughter OR I’m going to kick you out. Hmm…Maybe things were heating up in the Anthony home. Maybe on the verge of explosion. After all, Cindy was not happy.
4. Casey was telling everyone Cindy was moving and leaving her & Caylee the house. Of course, Cindy’s thinking Casey has a real job at Universal and if Casey got a roommate, she might just be able to handle the mortgage payment. This is why Amy Huizenga is planning on moving to 4937 Hopespring Dr. (the Anthony home)
Doesn’t this sound more believable than “Totmom Kills Daughter to Enjoy the Night Life”??
I think at this time, Casey and George were at each other’s throats. Each one pointing the finger at the other, “it’s your fault Mom’s so upset” “I’m not the problem, you are” Ironically, during this time George did finally land a job as a security guard. Looks like Cindy’s complaints are not being ignored. I’m suspecting George is not too happy with trouble maker Casey. He’s thinking if Casey would just move out, he wouldn’t be put on the hot seat. Casey was thinking the same thing. Note: Annie Downing told investigators “George didn’t seem to like Casey”. I believe this is why.
At this time, Casey is on the fast track trying to land a live-in boyfriend. She didn’t care who. It could be Tony Lazzaro, Tony Rusciano, Jesse Grund, Ric Morales, Will Waters or the boy down the street. She needed a place for her and Caylee, ASAP. Or at least another room mate to live at Hopespring Drive.  Needless to say, George and Casey were two desperate individuals.
During this time, Cindy’s co-workers confirmed this. George and Casey were fighting while Cindy was at work.
Is it possible that Casey and George got into a vicious argument the late morning of June 16, 2008?   It may have got physical and in the exchange of blows, Caylee got into the middle of it. She accidentally may have been killed during the melee.  This would make George and Casey both responsible and neither one of these cowards wanted to take the blame.  So George convinced Casey to follow his lead in the cover up. George being an ex-homicide cop knew the ins and outs of a murder case. Between both of these lying, conniving people they went through with the nanny-kidnapper story. Cindy wasn’t in on it until after she called 911 on July 15th. Sometime after George was able to tell her the truth and that’s when she changed her statement from smelling like a “dead body in the damn trunk” to “rotten pizza in the damn trunk”. And yes..the story would have snowballed, indeed.
This would explain something that’s always bothered me. The duct tape. Poor baby Caylee is said to have duct tape over her little mouth in my opinion to look like a bonafide kidnapping.  This leads me to believe that Caylee was deceased prior to the duct tape being applied. This was overlooked by George. I remember Lee testified that it was George who always cleaned their cars. Maybe meticulous George cleaned the car trunk. He would know what chemicals to use, hence the presence of chloroform. Other than one hair with a death band, he did a remarkable job of cleaning the trunk.
Another tell tale sign that this could have happened was the very first court appearance. When George takes the stand, it’s the first time I saw Casey cry. And what does George later say about his daughter Casey? He says she’s the bravest woman he knows. This is a far cry from not liking Casey. What could have changed?  Are they now co-conspirators in the cover-up of Caylee’s death?
Just a thought…